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Japanese See Nation Changing for the Worse Under Trump

By Shotaro Kumano, Japanese Language Assistant

On election day, I was on campus watching the ballots being counted on TV with my friends. I still remember what the atmosphere was like after the President of the United States was decided. Many of the people had feelings of fear, sadness, anger at that time. And, at that moment, I realized that I also had a similar feeling. Everyone had a different reaction to the election results and I was not an exception to this outcome. I was thinking that the other side would win, not Trump. However, what happened, happened.

After the election, it was broadcasted on Japan’s news stations every single day. Therefore, people who live in Japan also had a chance to at least learn some basic information about what is going on in the U.S. However, it’s hard to gauge how people are really feeling in Japan, especially being in the U.S. I really wanted to know the opinion of Japanese people, particularly those who could know the reality in the U.S.

I found a great resource in which someone interviewed Ryugakusei (study abroad students) who call Japan home. The one question that was asked was simple: Has the election of Donald’s Trump as president changed the way you look at America? Interviewees were given a choice of 5 answers:

a) Yes, for the worse
b) I’m not sure yet
c) Yes, for the better
d) No, it hasn’t
e) It doesn’t affect me

Over 58.3% of people answered “Yes, for the worse.”

I was surprised when I saw several of the comments from the people who answered “Yes, for the worse.” Someone said, “because of Trump, now I feel like Americans are not open to foreigners anymore.” Although a large number of Americans oppose Trump, because of this election, Japanese people now seem to paint America with a negative image.

I’m also a person who works here as a foreigner. I feel like Americans are open to foreigners because of my friends and the people I am surrounded by. However, the election could change people’s minds. The percentage of people who are saying “I’m not sure yet” is 23.3%.

I should also say that some media could change or even make up stories even though it’s not the truth in order to accomplish an agenda. From the survey, someone said, “people are too influenced by the media. It’s like what the media says is absolutely right. I’m not a Trump supporter, but news about him was almost all negative before and after the inauguration.” I’m not a Trump supporter, either, but I know media has an inherent power.

Those responses are very important because they’re from Japanese people who’ve actually studied in the U.S. They have a better sense of what it’s like in the States.

Again, almost 60% of them answered “Yes, for the worse.” It is time to stick together and fight for what you think is right with enough information and knowledge.

We can do it!

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