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Archive for May 2nd, 2017

The Open-Ended Issue »

Greetings, For this issue, we asked our Language Assistants to choose a topic that interested them and gave them free reign to write about it. This has made for some of our most interesting and diverse articles yet! From German conspiracy theories to Russian TV culture, we’re sure you can find something in this issue […]

What to Watch on Russian TV (with a bonus list of Russian TV series with English subtitles at Hatfield Library) »

By Mariia Ulibegova If you find yourself in Russia and want to have a pleasant evening with a slice of pizza in one hand and a remote control in the other, what do you do? For a really long time now Russian television has been used as a platform to push the ‘official’ political agenda in […]

Mate: More Than Just Tea »

By Fernanda Oliver Ooh, mate, my faithful companion. For this last issue of the Willamette World News, I was asked to write about something that was deeply related to my country’s culture. If I had to choose one element that is linked to Argentine culture, history, traditions, people, and basically everything, it all comes down […]

“Das gibt es doch gar nicht!“ The Bielefeld Conspiracy »

By Stina Köster I have to be honest with you – writing this article might be dangerous for me. But I think it is time for me to speak up! Although I might be attracting THEIR attention… What I would like to write about today is Bielefeld. If you ask Germans what Bielefeld is, you […]

Nicaragua: A Hidden Paradise to Discover »

By Julia M. Robleto Flores In the heart of the American continent, a land of lakes and volcanoes emerges known as Nicaragua, a country with old colonial cities, lonely beaches, impressive lakes and lagoons, many volcanoes, bodies of water, wild jungle, and breathtaking mountains with 70 different exotic ecosystems. It’s hard to believe that there […]

Hip-Hop Dance Culture in Japan »

By Shotaro Kumano I don’t know if everyone knows, but the hip-hop dance is lately very popular in Japan. Especially in colleges and high schools. Most schools have dance teams and do various types of dancing which are originally from the U.S. It’s can be hard to identify the name of the dance but it’s […]