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Friendship, a universal feeling which surpasses culture, nationality and distance: an Argentinian girl’s viewpoint »

When I thought about friendship one of the words which came to my mind is “door”. I strongly believe that friendship is like a door which leads people through astonishing and sometimes mysterious journeys. I have to admit that this door has often been opened to me and I’m really grateful for all the friends […]

Where creativity comes from: A glimpse of Argentina’s musical tradition »

By exploring Argentinian music, you will not only realize its eclectic nature, but also that it is embedded with many aspects of the Argentine culture, traditions, ways of thinking and living of Argentina’s inhabitants. From the well-known Tango to the popular Folklore, singers and song writers express love, friendship, family ties and even anger and […]

“A small step can make the difference”: Education in Argentina »

Argentina, one of the countries with the highest literacy rates in Latin America and even the world, is the homeland of thousands of scientists and talented, professional people. One of the key figures responsible for this is President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who made education universal, compulsory, free and secular. In the present entry I’d like […]

Of Marriage and Other Evils: Weddings in Argentina »

Even though I tend to be a bit skeptical about weddings and commitment issues, I´ll try to provide the best look into the Argentinian planning, organization, and celebration of this important day in a person’s life; and I’d also like to share what weddings mean for me and my very close friends.

All Souls day in Argentina: Homage to Malvinas’ Heroes »

After taking a close look into the current crave for remembrance rituals, traditions, and ceremonies, I began to wonder how much importance people give to those who leave this world having strived all their lives for the high ideals of sovereignty, justice and freedom. I came to the conclusion that a good way to make […]

Presidential elections from an Argentine perspective »

As US presidential elections approach, American people start to think about the history of their country, the current state of affairs and especially they start to wonder about the future. The diversity of people’s reaction towards the whole world of politics is enormous and so are the differences among the political systems of elections across […]

Gabriela from Argentina welcomes you! »

Hi everyone! My name is Gabriela Bustos and I’m the Language Assistant for the Spanish department. I was chosen by the Spanish department [editors note] to help students with their homework, assignments and conversations in Spanish at Willamette University. In this first entry for the WWN blog I’d like to tell you something about my […]