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New International Students and Culture Shock »

Greetings, Our second Willamette World News issue of the semester is out!  Our new international students have written an introductory article in which they talk about themselves and their initial culture shock they experienced when they arrived. Have a good read! Lara, Hailee, and Jordan The WWN Editorial Team /!\Please note: the statement made in these articles do […]

Law Enforcement »

Greetings, Our first Willamette World News issue of the semester is out! In light of the current controversy and movements against police brutality, we have invited our returning international students to write about the law enforcement in their nations, specifically how they are viewed by society and their interactions with civilians. Have a good read! Lara, Hailee, […]

Culture Shock: Welcome to a new semester! »

Hello Willamette Community, Welcome to a new semester of Willamette World News articles from both new and old international contributors. This issue is our largest ever with 22 articles total! We’ve also made a new addition to the WWN tradition as we’ve invited Willamette students currently studying abroad to contribute their unique perspectives as American […]

Teenage Pregnancy in Japan »

Teenage pregnancy rate in Japan is 4%! Surprisingly, Japan has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the world according to unicef. Before I looked it up, I thought it must be higher that it is because I think sex education in Japan is not enough.The only time when I got sex education was at schools which are […]

Dance In Japan! »

Hi all, How have you been? I hope you all are doing well.What do you have an image of dance we who are Japanese dance? We have any type of dances like Bon dance, fisherman’s dance, and traditional . Today I would like to tell you about Japanese traditional dance and how young generations dance.