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The German Education System and the “Children’s Garden” »

What is there to know about the education system in Germany? A lot and it’s also quite complicated. The public school system in Germany is more extensive than in other countries and there are many fewer private and parochial schools. Some alternative educational models, such as Waldorf and Montessori, are also integrated and a valid […]

„An ambigious relationship- the Germans and their weather“ »

If you’re out on the street anywhere in Germany, you’ll often overhear conversations like: „Heute schon wieder. Grau in grau. Nimmt das denn kein Ende?“ (Again today. Grey in grey. Does that never end?). If you’re still not sure what is meant by that, I’ll give it away. Yes- they are talking about the weather […]

Die Polizei – Dein Freund und Helfer?! (The police – your friend and aid?!) »

The words “Die Polizei – Dein Freund und Helfer” (The police – your friend and aid) is the slogan of the police. These words were first used by Albert Grzesinki, the Prussion secretary of the interior, in 1926 as a preface for a police exhibition. This slogan is still used today and seen by the […]

Modern Family in Germany »

The modern family in Germany has kept some traditional values, but some changes have taken place over the last 50 years. First, here is a short historical view to get a better understanding of the changes within German families and the law system.

Laternen, Nikolaus-Stiefel und Schützenfeste »

Dear readers, When I first heard about this topic, I thought that there are way to many celebrations in Germany to talk about every one in any depth. Therefore, I’m going to write about celebrations coming up soon and also typical for where I’m from. I chose three which I will elaborate upon more in […]

From Renewable Energy to Birkenstock »

Dear Readers, this entry focuses on Germany’s renewable energy, bicycle-friendly cities, exporting and German brands. I’ll try to give you some interesting and fun facts about German efficiency 😉 If this sounds reasonably intriguing, please continue…

Grüße aus dem Norden »

Hallo, my name is Karoline Gotchel and I am very glad to be your German language assistant for this year. I’m from Hanover which is located in the middle, northern part of Germany. Although mainly people only know it either through its fairs or passing by with the train, it has much more to offer. […]