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Friendship »

友谊・友情・Freundschaft・Amistad・Amitié・Friendship Dear Readers, This issue our contributors are addressing the topic of friendship.  Each culture has a different method of defining relationships, and sometimes those relationships are passed down through generations.  Come learn a bit more about what friendship means to our contributors, and expand your world view! Sincerely, WWN Editors Jaime, Lars, and Mary

¡Música, Maestro! »

“Without music, life would be a mistake” -Friedrich Nietzsche When one thinks about different cultures of the world, music is one of the first things that comes to mind as a central component of life. Music tells a lot about the soul of a people. In this week’s issue, it is our pleasure to introduce […]

Fellow WWN readers… »

This is a monumental moment in our blog’s history. It is a time that will determine the course of future blog posts to come and…wait, it’s just an issue about politics? With the election only a few weeks away, many of us are focused on the U.S. presidential race, so for this issue, we’ve asked […]

Social Lives »

Ever wondered about social life in other countries? This time we asked our contributors to write about the differences in social life in their countries. Read on to learn about customs regarding eating meals, family life, student life and more in Germany, Spain, Colombia, Japan, France, and China.

España con Amigos »

Whenever I think of what it is that makes my life back home feel special and important to me, there is one image that immediately comes to my mind: that of me with friends and family spending some quality time together. Whether it be pouring as heavily as in the worst day of winter or […]

Charlotte Roche – A Provocative Novelist »

Having National Icons as the topic for the 2nd issue of the WWN made me reflect about which German person I could write about. A long list of different great and influencing names popped up in my head: great figures like  the physician Albert Einstein, the philosopher Immanuel-Kant, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche. Then I […]

Welcome back! »

Hello WWN readers! The Willamette World News is an online publication written exclusively by international students studying and working here on campus. Each issue centers around a specific theme to bring worldwide perspective. Check out the Willamette “Highlights” article written about the WWN! http://willamette.edu/news/library/2010/11/willamette_world_news.html All of us here at the LLC are really excited to […]