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German Cuisine – It’s more than just sausages & sauerkraut »

The German cuisine is known for its large variety of sausages, for Sauerkraut, and beer. But there’s much more to German food than that. The main meal of the day used to be lunch. For dinner a lot of Germany just used to have Brotzeit, which means a variety of bread, spreads, cheese, and sausage. […]

Zhejiang cuisine (浙江菜) »

Hello! My name is Yi Liang. Today, I would like to talk about the traditional food in my Province, Zhejiang, in China. Zhejiang cuisine (浙江菜), also called Zhe Cai, is one of the eight famous culinary schools in China. During its long history, Zhejiang cuisine has gained a reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, and smoothness […]

Comida Argentina »

Meals Most Argentine eat four meals each day. The diet may differ in different regions. Desayuno (breakfast) is a light meal of rolls and jam with coffee. For almuerzo (lunch), many Argentinians eat meat and vegetables or salads. After work but before dinner, people go to confiterías (cafés) to drink espresso and eat picadas, small […]

Que rico! Colombian Food »

It is difficult to write about Colombian food and not to feel hungry, every video I see or every recipe I read brings memories and flavors, not many people know about our food and when people are asked, they generally affirmed that food in South America must be the same as the Mexican food. This […]

Chinese Festival Foods »

Chinese festivals reflect the diverse cultural heritage of its many ethnic groups, and food plays a very important part in celebrations. So from spring to winter, from the Chinese Lunar New Year to Laba Festival (the 8th day of the last month in the Chinese calendar), what are the special foods for the festivals in […]

Welcome 2011 World News readers, old and new! »

Join us in learning a little about 2010’s diverse events from our contributors! Sometimes it’s hard to remember, in our little lives here at Willamette, that life goes on beyond these oceans, so here’s a little bit from our readers to provide us with “A Year in Retrospect.” There’s information about Australia’s disastrous floods, Germany’s […]

2010 A Year of Changes »

One of the most significant changes in Colombia was the election of the new president, Juan Manuel Santos; after 8 years in power Alvaro Uribe finished his presidential period with a different country in terms of security and foreign investment.

Germany in 2010 – A Year in Review »

The year of 2010 was a year full of events that kept the attention of the whole world. Everyone was anxious about the oil tank catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and everyone was glad for the saved mine workers in Chile. But what happened during 2010 in Germany? The next paragraphs will give you […]

The Keywords-of- the-Year contest for 2010 in Japan »

I would love to share with you something from Japan of last year. Many things happened in Japan last year, just like in your country. So I decided to tell you something important from Japan last year based on “The keywords-of- the-year contest for 2010”. This prize is given to the word which affected our […]

2010: a year in retrospect – Politics, floods, cyclones and all that fun stuff. »

2010 was a revolutionary year for Australia, I’ve already wrote about how we elected our first ever female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, into office – see my previous entry Australia’s First Female Prime Minister. And it wasn’t just that she was a female that had the media buzzing, but also the fact that she’s a […]

Shanghai after World Expo 2010 »

The Shanghai World Expo will certainly be in the list of TOP 3 events of 2010 in China.”Better City, Better Life”, as the theme of Expo 2010 was, can be seen everywhere in Shanghai, where I lived for 7 years. But for me, I’d prefer to say that my annual event 2010 of China is […]

The collapse of The French soccer team during the FIFA World Cup of 2010 »

Soccer is the French “national” sport. It is and has always been very important in France: we really live soccer. The proof is that, after the last World Cup in South Africa, from the chaos that was brought about at the defeat of the team, the French government had to intervene.

The King and Queen of Tango! »

I was wondering about what I am going to write about my country one year ago. I was searching different sites to remind me about it. Most of the things were the same. So I come across with news that calls my attention, and I want to share it with you. Argentina is famous for […]

Popular Cultures of the World »

For this one, we recommend a cozy place to relax and a nice cup of hot chocolate! You’re invited to learn about German nationalism as traced through the development of music, Argentina’s pride in abundant literature, and Shakespeare’s French foe, Molière! From an insider’s point of view, we’re privileged to explore various aspects of popular […]

Molière: a great playwright »

We often say that English is the language of Shakespeare. In the same way, we say that French is the language of Molière. That’s why I wanted to talk about one of the most famous playwrights in France: Molière. In middle and high school, we study lots of his plays. Every French must have read […]

Finally, music in German – and it shows once more, how rich in expression the German language actually is! »

Most of the music that is played on German radio stations, in clubs and on TV is in English. It has been that way for decades. The German language was not cool enough, the good stuff came from abroad: the US, UK and so on. The only music in German was the so called Schlager […]

Popular Culture in Ukraine »

Hello everybody! My name is Yulya and I am from Crimea, Ukraine. It just happens that I live in the part of Ukraine which used to belong to Russia and there are ports of the Russian navy there; as a result there are a lot of Russian citizens there. And the irony is… I live […]

Three worldwide famous French movies »

Unlike America, whose film industry is famous all over the world, France has a limited number of movies that have such a broad influence. However, a few ones have had a lot of success, and more and more find their way to the international. Here is my selection of three French movies which have had […]

ANIME and more? »

I think a great aspect of Japanese popular culture is anime. As you may know, there are many animation films and cartoons in Japan. The most famous place associated with anime is AKIHABARA in Tokyo. The place is also famous for electric things. So AKIHABARA is very crowded everyday, especially weekends. However, I recommend going […]

Pop Culture in Colombia »

Popular Colombian Music. Music in Colombia can be divided into three main categories: traditional, modern, and commercial. Talking about the first category, it is more common to find music full of rhymes, instruments and dancing which represents the culture and the color of the region.

Hamish and Andy; informing the nation »

I’ve mentioned in my last entries about radio hosts that went crazy over the recent federal elections and here’s my chance to elaborate on that further. I’d like to introduce you all to Hamish and Andy, a hilarious and dynamic comedy duo that host a radio show on 92.9. They’ve also done some social commentating […]

Argentine Literature »

Who are the well-known writers from Argentina? I can mention some of them, like: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811-1888) who was the president of Argentina for 6 years but also known because of his great qualities as a writer. He was also against the dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas. Once he was in Chile, he wrote […]

Politics abroad…and some more introductions! »

As we reflect on recent election outcomes and local political lore, our World News contributors have agreed to show us a little perspective by describing their own country’s political systems, past turmoil or current developments. Learn about Argentina’s fascinating political history, Australia’s current views on the female Prime Minister and more. We’d also like to […]

Australia’s First Female Prime Minister »

A few months ago Australia held a federal election and it was quite controversial for many reasons. Back in November 2007 the Australian Labour Party (our left-wing party) beat the Liberals (our right-wing party) after their 11 years in office. The new prime minister Kevin Rudd experienced falling popularity and so the ALP replaced him […]

Political system in South Korea »

In South Korea, we have a cabinet system and a presidential system. But we are more focused on a presidential system.