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It is Time… »

I have been working at Willamette University as the Japanese Language Assistant for two years.  I like this beautiful University a lot.  I met many people and have a lot of precious memories here.  My meaning of beautiful is including every one of those things.

Where do Fashion trends come from in Japan? »

Japanese Fashion… There are many kinds of fashion in Japan just as in other countries.  Many people are interested in Fashion with own sense.  The trend in clothes is changing quickly.  So it is difficult to catch up on time.

salty & tasty food from Japan »

What kind of Japanese food do you like best?   I like almost all Japanese foods.  But it is hard to tell you all Japanese foods here. Can you guess what is salty and tasty Japanese food? It is UME(Japanese plum).  I am going to talk about UME (Japanese plum) for this time.

Winter in the US »

I had a great winter time here in the US.  Usually we don’t celebrate Christmas as big as the US does in Japan.  We tend to celebrate New Year’s Day bigger than Christmas.  We do decorate Christmas trees and light some places up.  But after Christmas day, we clean them up and start preparing for […]

What are 10 things about Japan for you? »

The first thing that comes readily to mind when I think of Japan is its seasons.  There are many countries that have 4 seasons.  But I think that Japan is a country in which more people recognize and live daily life in accordance with the seasons.  I would like to tell you about events that […]

What kind of things are Japanese people using in social life? »

I want to share the things that Japanese people often use in their social life.  Of course we use many things that are the same that you use in your country.  This time, I will tell you about three things: Japanese cell phones, trains, and vending machines.

What is the sustainable Green movement? »

These says, we are trying to save and protect the environment all around the world.  There are many campaigns to live sustainably and preserve the environment in Japan as well.  I would like to tell you about some things being done by many citizens in Japan.

Japanese Comedians »

Everyone likes to laugh. And laughter has the power to makes others happy!  But humor has different inclinations depending on the country or even the person.  This time, I chose to write about Japanese comedians as our national icons, because a country’s comedy or sense of humor is usually not well known outside of the […]

Hello from Japan »

Please check my hometown on the map in below.

As you might know, this place has very hard time now because of TSUNAMI. But we all know the people around the world could help and encourage us a lot. So we are doing our best so that it become to retrieve as early as we can. I am also doing my best here!!