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Books, movies and music I would recommend »

For writing this post I was trying to decide which book would I recommend people to read, and since most of the books I read are history ones was a difficult task.

Genders in Argentina »

For years and years women have struggled for more and equal rights in society, but today in the XXI century we are still talking about this topic. The role of women varies in every society, depending on the country and the culture (sometimes including religion). In my case, I have to talk about Argentina and […]

Dia de San Valentin »

In a few days it’s coming- Valentine’s Day and many people are talking about that or if we can see the red balloons with heart shapes everywhere; but they been asking me if in Argentina we celebrate this day or not.

Culture Shock »

When we had our orientation sessions, we heard for the first time the words: “culture shock.” Then everyone was asking about “culture shock”: what is that? Am I am suffering it? Am I gonna suffer it? Many people were sick or lost during the first weeks here because for most of them, it was their […]

Winter Holidays in Argentina »

The topic of this entry should be winter holidays and X-Mas. In my case I will have to make a difference considering that we celebrate Christmas during summer time. And when people in the North have winter holidays we have our summer ones.

Presidential elections outside the US »

Today may sound like far away in time, but it’s been only two weeks since the last presidential elections in the United States of America. There are divided feelings within the American people, but how did the media cover this historic election in the rest of the world?

Celebrating Halloween »

This is going to be the first time I’m going to celebrate Halloween since it’s the first time I’m in the USA for this part of the year. This Irish tradition is only celebrated in some of the English spoken countries, but since it is celebrated in the US it is world famous. But in […]

Economic crises in the US and globally »

In this article I am going to give the reader a wide range of news of how the economic crisis in the USA is shown in the rest of the world and how it affects the other stock exchanges in other countries.

New Member in the countries list: ARGENTINA »

Hello everyone, my name is Jose Luis Bianchi from Argentina. I have a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual and I am working for the language department at Willamette.