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How the Seasons affect our Lives, or: A Declaration of Love to Summer (aka the best season ever!) »

Long, muggy evenings spent sitting outside and enjoying a drink, without the need for lights. Hot days at the lake/beach, without the need for a towel when you come out of the water. Taking walks or bike rides through nature until sundown, without the need for many layers of clothes. Being able to step outside […]

Hey there, or in German: Hallo! »

My name is Jasmin Egger and I am studying at Willamette during the spring semester of 2015. I am from Austria. Austria – in Europe – is close to Germany and Switzerland, so from the stereotypical American point of view, it is close to everywhere else in Europe, too! Austria should also not be mistaken […]

Austria and The Sound of Music: Where the Hills Are Alive »

Long before I came to the United States from Graz, a relatively small town in Southern Austria and birth place of, among others, one Arnold Schwarzenegger, I was fully aware that I would get confronted with The Sound of Music. I’ve prepared myself. I’ve been on this side of the world twice before, and it […]

Art Made in Austria »

Gustav Klimt, a well-known symbolist painter, once said, “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Perhaps most of you are familiar with his most popular painting “The Kiss,” but did you also know that he was born in Austria?In this article,I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite Austrian artists and their […]

Hallo from Austria! »

Hallo! My name is Ulli and I’m from Austria ‒ that tiny country in the heart of Europe. People are probably thinking of Sound of Music right now ‒ I have to admit I have never seen the entire movie. In the course of this semester, I’ll try my best to broaden people’s knowledge of […]