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Bolivian Dishes »

The Bolivian cuisine varies with the geography of the country. The ingredients of the Bolivian cuisine are one-hundred percent organic, mainly because the production of agriculture products are not for export, all of these products are for the internal market. There are many reasons for that situation, but those reasons are not the topics of […]

The Goal of Art Education in Bolivian Schools »

The principal goal to introduce art in Bolivian education system was to cultivate student’s mind and spirit and provide them with emotional outlets and means of self expression.Since kindergarten through college students have been introduced to a range of traditional and innovative forms of visual art, craft, paint, classical and popular music, folk art and […]

Hola!! »

My name is Ivan Miranda; I am originally from Bolivia, South America. Prior to residing in Oregon, I lived in Illinois where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages. In Bolivia I earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and here in Oregon I taught Spanish at the University of Oregon for two […]

Friendship in Bolivia »

Growing up I have had many friends; I cannot recall the names of all of them, but at least I will name some of them in order to follow the story thoroughly. During my elementary school age, I played soccer, marvels, spinning top, hide and seek, and tire race (roll down bike tires at very […]

Bolivian Music »

The music of Bolivia has a long history. Out of all the Andean countries, Bolivia remains perhaps the most culturally linked to the indigenous peoples. Like most of its neighbors, Bolivia was long dominated by Spain and its attendant culture.

Bolivian education »

The formal education in Bolivia starts with kindergarten (one year), elementary (five years), middle school (three years) high school (four years), and college (five years). Public education is free (from kindergarten to college). The school time is split into three shifts (morning, afternoon, and night). For example, I attended the morning shift (6:45 am to […]

Bolivian Weddings »

Bolivia is a multiclass and multiethnic country; consequently, each class and ethnic group celebrates their weddings differently.

Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) »

The day of the dead also called “Todos Santos” (All Saints Day) is a traditional Catholic holiday celebrated on November 1st of every year throughout the world. On this holiday, most Bolivians visit cemeteries to honor the dead.

Bolivia Politics »

Bolivia is one of the richest countries in natural resources and cultural diversity in the world; between its ecological segments or stages there are a variety of flora, fauna, minerals, oil, natural gas, gold, lithium, precious stones, etc, but unfortunately Bolivia is the poorest countries in the Americas in human resources.