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The Cost of the Conflict »

In last March, Chile – being a member of the Security Council of the United Nations – gave its vote against the American intervention in Iraq, the country clearly voted against war, but not against the United States. Apparently the position of my country surprised many due to the bilateral interests at the time. When […]

Death Penalty »

Claudia Mancilla As a country that has left behind the atrocities of the military regimen, the only ethically valid way was to abolish the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment. So, by means of the Law 19.734, on April 03 of 2001 Chile eliminated the death penalty of its legal code. There are […]

Astronomy in Chile »

Claudia Mancilla The development of the astronomy program in Chile is a great challenge since it is here where unique findings can be obtained due to the quality of the observatories placed in the north of the country, the most modern ones in the world: Inter-American Observatory of Cerro Tololo, La Silla, Las Campanas, Paranal, […]

…About love in times of war »

It is kind of difficult to write an article about Saint Valentine’s Day taking into account the reality of the world. Besides, trying to look for some information about the topic on Chilean newspapers, I couldn’t find much, just the typical virtual greeting cards, and “buy flowers for her” and things of that kind.

Introduction: »

Hi, I’m a Spanish Language Assistant from Chile, my name is Claudia Mancilla and I will begin this introduction talking about my country. Located along the Pacific Coast of South America and the Andes Range Mountains, Chile is a long and narrow country that borders Peru and Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the […]