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Viejito Pascuero remember me!!! »

Christmas is celebrated in many ways across the varied landscapes and diverse families in Chile.

Halloween in Chile???? »

Just a few years ago that Chilean people started celebrating Halloween. This is not a special date for us; only the children go out and nock on the doors around theirs neighborhoods asking for some candy.

Chilean Economy today »

Inflation is the principal economic issue that Chile has to face up to at this moment and the development of the worldwide financial crisis has increased Chilean and international uncertainty towards the future.

Holis »

Hi all, I’m Monica Diaz from Chile and I will be at Willamette for this year working as a language assistant for the Spanish department.

PISCOLITA!!! Chilean or Peruvian?! »

Right now there is a dispute going on between Chile and Peru. But it is not a political or social issue they are arguing about. It is all about a drink. A drink? you might ask. Why would they fight about something like that. Well the issue is, that it is considered as a national […]

Woman President of Chile »

Maybe you don’t have any idea about this! But the current President of Chile is a Woman! Her name is Michelle Bachelet. Forbes magazine ranked her as the 27th in the list of the 100 most powerful women in the world, she is the only Latin Women on it. She is the most powerful woman […]

Hola Po! »

My name is Karen Cresp and I am one of the Spanish Language Teaching Assistants for this year. I’m from Viña del Mar, Chile. I was born on the Patagonia, in Punta Arenas the most southern city in the world! It is a cold city but has great views with lots of ice and penguins. […]

Marlene Molina »

Pinochet’s health tested before trial On Tuesday, former dictator Augusto Pinochet underwent a series of court-ordered medical tests to determine whether he can stand trial on human rights charges. Mr. Pinochet remained for two and half hours at the downtown Catholic University Hospital . No details were available on the exams. The top court last […]

Marlene Molina »

President Ricardo Lagos The President of Chile is both the chief of state and the head of government. Currently, the President is elected by popular vote to serve for a period of six years, without immediate reelection. However, changes to the Constitution, enacted on Agust 26, 2005, reduced the President’s mandate to four years starting […]

Marlene Molina »

Hola a todos. My name is Marlene Molina. I am the Spanish language Assistant this year. I am 28 and I teach English in a farming school in Chile. This wonderful country is long and narrow; it borders Peru and Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the east. But I am not going to […]

Women’s Rights in Chile »

The history of women in Chile combines the leading role and the social action with the discrimination and invisibility. Active from the Colonial age in the humanitarian task, by the end of the last century women entered the university (1877), graduating like the first professionals of Latin America. More than fifty years of fight were […]

The Cost of the Conflict »

In last March, Chile – being a member of the Security Council of the United Nations – gave its vote against the American intervention in Iraq, the country clearly voted against war, but not against the United States. Apparently the position of my country surprised many due to the bilateral interests at the time. When […]

Death Penalty »

Claudia Mancilla As a country that has left behind the atrocities of the military regimen, the only ethically valid way was to abolish the death penalty and replace it with life imprisonment. So, by means of the Law 19.734, on April 03 of 2001 Chile eliminated the death penalty of its legal code. There are […]

Astronomy in Chile »

Claudia Mancilla The development of the astronomy program in Chile is a great challenge since it is here where unique findings can be obtained due to the quality of the observatories placed in the north of the country, the most modern ones in the world: Inter-American Observatory of Cerro Tololo, La Silla, Las Campanas, Paranal, […]