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New China shows its pride on day of glory »

By Hu Yinan (China Daily) Updated: 2009-10-02 07:47 Beijing was the center of jubilant national celebrations Thursday as the country marked 60 years since the founding of New China.

Joy from China »

Hello, everyone. I am Si Wei (Joy) ZHANG, from Beijing, China. I got my bachelor degree from the University of Hong Kong this year. My major was Accounting and Finance. I am now studying in MBA program at Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

Hello from the Chinese Language Assistant »

My name is Diane Deng. I come from China, I’m a Chinese language assistant at WU. I majored in Translation and Interpreting in the Master degree studies and works in Xiamen University in China. I have been teaching in Xiamen for five years while also working temporarily as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter for conferences, […]

One of the most famous singers in China »

Jay Chou (traditional Chinese: 周杰倫; simplified Chinese: 周杰伦; pinyin: Zhōu Jiélún; (born January 18, 1979) is a Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor and director who has won the World Music Award four times. He is well-known for composing all his own songs and songs for other singers.

Valentine’s Day a Wedding Hit in China »

The Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau says the western holiday of Valentine’s Day has become a hot date for Chinese couples to get married. The bureau said registration centers throughout Beijing are expecting three times the daily wedding average to take place on the Feb. 14 holiday, China’s official state-run news agency, Xinhua, reported Saturday. A […]

Winter Holiday in China »

Actually, only young people celebrate Christmas day in China. Young people just want to have fun on the holidays. So there is no real Christmas day, but we have the most important traditional holiday “Chinese New Year” in winter. It is sometimes called the Lunar New Year, especially by people outside China. It is as […]

China willing to work with Obama for better bilateral relations »

China willing to work with Obama for better bilateral relations 20:10, November 06, 2008 Source: Xinhua China on Thursday expressed its willingness and openness to work with U.S. president-elect Barack Obama and his team for healthy and stable Sino-U.S. relations.

a Chinese ghost movie »

Although there is no Halloween in China, we have many ghost related stories. I’d like to introduce a new Chinese movie named “Painted Skin.” It is a ghost movie, but also a love story. It was adapted from a famous folk story from China.

Hi, I am lin jing, »

Hi, I am Lin Jing, form China. I graduated from Beijing Normal University. Now I am the Chinese language assistant in Chinese department of WU.

Chinese Basketball Players in NBA »

Hi, I am going to talk about Chinese basketball players in NBA. Undoubtedly, the Houston Rocket has an all-star—Yao, but right now the Milwaukee Bucks has Yi who is No. 6 overall pick in the 2007 draft. Yi, expected to star alongside Yao for China in the Beijing Olympics next summer, signed with the Bucks […]

Eric Yunxing Peng »

Food for thoughts China’s per-capita dining expenditure this year is 100 times that of the year 1978, and Guangzhou citizens spend most on dining among all Chinese, according to official statistics. The rise in food spending was mainly driven up by the increase in the disposable income of China’s urban and rural dwellers, which increased […]

Eric Yunxing Peng »

Hello everyone, My name is Eric Yunxing Peng, from Harbin, China. My family immigrated to Canada when I was 18. My undergraduate degree is BA in Economics and BS in Computer Science from the University of Calgary (www.ucalgary.ca). I am currently studying MBA at the Atkinson business school at Willamette University. This is my year […]

Janelle Yu »

China to Hold Olympics with High-tech China is the host of 2008 Olympic Games. In the past four years, China has been making huge progress improving the infrastructure. The design of the main stadium has been changed several times to ensure the best results. Now China wants to apply high-technology into the Olympic Games. China […]

Janelle Yu »

Chinese Economy Surges 9.5% in First 3 Quarters China’s economy has been continuously booming since 1979. While pre-1978 China had seen annual growth of 6 percent a year, post-1978 China saw average real growth of more than 9 percent a year with fewer and less painful ups and downs. In several peak years, the economy […]

Janelle Yu »

New trading agreement between China and Europe China’s importance in the world economy was clearly demonstrated in the past decade. Its growth was mainly driven by manufacturing. United States has been China’s biggest export market. With the development of the new trading agreement with the European Union, China is looking forward to another economic growth. […]

Janelle Yu »

Hello, I am Janelle Yu, from mainland China. I have been living in the United States for four years. I got my undergraduate degree from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I majored in International Business, and my minor was Spanish. I would not claim that I know Spanish very well, but I do speak […]

China »

In this article, China has had an increase in the amount of trade. The interesting point that this article stresses is that China Imports grew more than its exports. From the US stand point this is very good because the US has a large trade deficit with China. The article also shows that the Chinese […]

The Middle Kingdom Reaches for the Heavens »

Lael Grant China, soon to be the third nation to have independent manned space capabilities, is presently in the process of training future astronaughts and perfecting the various systems of the spacecraft “Shenzhou V”. “The successful launching and return of Shenzhou IV, which carried a simulated person into space has laid a solid base for […]

Lael Grant »

Valentines Day is here. When asked to write something concerning this day I started by reflecting back on my past memories. Realizing that Valentines Day has never meant much to me, and I don’t truly know what it is about, I thought that this would be a good time to look into the history of […]

“The Full Force and Might of the US Military” »

After US President George W. Bush delivered his State of the Union address on Jan. 28, a considerable amount of concern has risen worldwide. It appears that Bush has taken a “By any means necessary” attitude towards US and Iraqi weapons issues. Is Bush being a cowboy trying to rope the whole herd by himself? […]

Introduction: »

On the evening of July 11th 1973 in Redmond Washington I was delivered into the world. As early as 5 years old I was a highway child, moving seasonally up and down Interstate 5. Most of my child hood was spent rotating between three areas, the Puget Sound Washington, Willamette Valley Oregon, and the Bay […]