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Looking Forward to the South American Games! »

In Colombia, this March we have a powerful reason to become fanatics of almost all sports. Medellin, my hometown, is the host of the IX South American Games, the most important competition of the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR). These games are held every four years since 1978. One of the characteristics of the South […]

Amigo Secreto »

In many countries around the world Valentine’s day seems to be the perfect day to show all your love to family, friends, and couples. I personally believe it shouldn’t be that way; every day is a good day to demonstrate our love to them. However, this date is also an opportunity to be creative when […]

A Colombian Christmas in New Jersey »

Well, I could tell you about my trip to Washington DC, New York or Atlantic City. I could also describe all the amazing things I saw there like interesting museums, historical monuments, big parks, and stunning skyscrapers. However, if there’s something I really like about the USA it’s the possibility of finding cultures from all […]

¡Vámonos en chiva a ver alumbrados! – Let’s take a chiva to see Christmas lightings! »

Every year during Christmas, millions of colorful lights are lighted to decorate my hometown, Medellin. Natives and foreigners come from all over the world to enjoy with the magic of Christmas. They can walk along principal avenues or take a chiva (a traditional bus) to delight with one of the most beautiful Christmas lightings in […]

La Llorona “The weeping woman” »

In different cultures, people tell and retell stories as a way of transmitting knowledge. In Latin America legends and myths are used to preserve collective memory of our history and traditions. These stories are retold from one generation to another, and sometimes they could suffer variations depending on the countries. Today, I would like to […]

The Day of Race »

Once upon a time there was an Italian sailor named Christopher Columbus. One day, he heard a theory that the world was round and not flat, and motivated by that idea he talked to Queen Isabella of Spain because he was convinced it was easier to reach China or the East Indies by sailing from […]

¡Hola a todos! »

Hello everybody! My name is Alejandra from Colombia. I studied Translation at the University of Antioquia (Medellin- Colombia) and I have been teaching English in Colombia for two years. I love languages because they give you the opportunity to know more about cultures and different ways of thinking.