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Thank you and Goodbye! »

My experience in the United States is divided in two periods of my life: the first one as a child; the second one as an adult. Spending two years of my life in a small town in Kentucky, learning English and learning to adapt to a whole different place was no easy task. I learned […]

¡Lunes papas! »

By studying a year abroad, I did not imagine how much food would affect my homesickness. Just like Popeye´s song claims, in the film version with Robin Williams, “Everything is food”, food is an important factor that concerns our daily habits. What I miss the most about food at home is the role it plays […]

Ecuador: con las marcas del catolicismo »

Giggling nervously over films where naked people are shown is common in high school classrooms in Ecuador, as well as in some college level classrooms. Ecuador is a Catholic country as a result of the Spanish tradition. From colonial times up until Ecuador became a republic, Catholic religion was imposed as the only and true […]

Soy América Latina: Un Pueblo Sin Piernas Pero Que Camina »

About twelve years ago, it was pretty common to hear that someone´s parents, siblings, cousins or children had moved to Spain. Yes, Ecuadorian families were moving like little ants to Europe-Italy and the United States. But Spain became the main target for Ecuadorian immigration, especially due to the fact that the official language is Spanish. […]

¿El Arte en Ecuador? ¡Toda un Historia! »

Usually when I tell people what I study, I get a similar reaction: wide eyes and inquisitive eyebrows. I study Art History. Art History? What´s that about? How does that work after you graduate? What types of jobs can you get with a degree on Art History? These are the types of questions I usually […]

iHolà Willamette! »

Hello Willamette Community! My name is Emmanuela Ulchur-Rota and I am an exchange student from Quito, Ecuador, a tiny but beautiful country in South America! I study Art History and plan to do a Minor on Translation once I go back home. Ecuador, as its name suggests, sits on the equator, and therefore, right in […]

Que tan lejos…. »

When it comes to movies, books and music, I think that there is a movie, that pictures Ecuador better than any other production before.

Women’s Rights in Ecuador »

Although Ecuador is a really beautiful country and I am proud to be an Ecuadorian, Ecuador is very behind in Women’s Rights. Most of Ecuadorian women are housewives that dedicate their whole life to the wellness of their husbands and kids.

Promoting Sustainability in Developing Countries »

“When you are poor, environmental conservation is a luxury that you cannot afford,” David Woollcombe – Peace Child International

Freedom to Love and its Threatened »

Since we are talking in this issue about the different ways that countries celebrate LOVE, I would like to talk about the unconditional and unconventional love that can exist between people of the same sex and the unfair acts that they are subject to. Genetic or Psychological? That really does not matter. The fact is […]

Culture Shock in the U.S.A. »

My first time in the U.S. was a long time ago. I was 5 years old and I honestly don’t remember a lot. I know that I went to Orlando, FL and my family and I went to Disney World, and other different theme parks in the Orlando area in Florida. It was a magic […]

Xmas in Ecuador »

With 90% of the population being Catholic, Christmas is one of the most important holidays for the country. Families get together, go to mass and pray “novenas” to celebrate “Jesus’ Birthday.” Even though this season has been changing with time, Ecuador still maintains its own traditions, especially if you go to small towns in the […]

Barack Obama and Latin America »

Across Hispanic America, people are celebrating the election of Barack Obama. Even though this region will probably not be one of Obama’s top-tier priorities—given the U.S. economic crisis and the challenges he will face in the Middle East and Asia—there are different ways he could demonstrate his commitment to the region.

The Day of the Dead »

Ecuadorians did not used to celebrate Halloween, until a couple of years ago when consumerism brought this foreign holiday to our cities. Now it is common to see that young people go out to go to parties for Halloween, but this is really just another excuse to get together and drink. No trick or treat!