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A country deserves the leaders that they have. »

Ecuador, a small, oil-producing country in the Andean region of South America, has experienced ten years of political and economic instability. On January 15, 2007, Rafael Correa, a left-leaning, U.S.-trained economist, was inaugurated to a four-year presidential term, becoming the country’s eighth president in ten years.

Luis from the center of the world!! »

Hi everybody! Mi name is Luis Mancheno, but you can just call me Luis. A lot of people probably have seen me already walking on campus because I am the mail man!!. I know.. it is not really cool.. but well… it pays the bills.

Ecuador, Life at its purest »

Hope you get the chance to check out this video below::

Ecuador’s political situation »

In this edition I would like to talk about the latest events in Ecuador and a final note will be on its implications to personal security. These last couple of weeks have been pretty intense for Ecuador. On Saturday March 1rst, the Colombian air force dropped bombs on a “Revolutionary Armed Forced of Colombia” (FARC) […]

Volcanoes and Rain are flooding the Economy of Ecuador »

After weeks of rain President Rafael Correa has declared Ecuador in a state of emergency. A third of the population has been affected by the floods. According to the United Nations, 125.000 people need immediate help because 50% of the country is flooded.

Dia de San Valentin »

Valentine’s Day is definitely one that has become more celebrated in Ecuador. I’ve celebrated it since childhood as a day dedicated to friendship and love. I remember things like women selling beautiful roses for$0.50 each during my elementary school years.

“Carnaval” in Ecuador »

It is surprising for me to be so close to a Carnival and hardly hear anything about it. In Ecuador, we get ready for Carnival a month beforehand. We have a whole holiday specifically for Carnival; this year the carnival will be from the 1st to the 5th of February. We don’t celebrate our Carnival […]

Achachay, Arrarray, Ayayay! »

These words mean: “I am freaking cold, I burned myself, and ouch” in Quechua, the Incas language that some people still speak in the Andean countries. My name is Lucia Norris and this is my introduction.

Ecuador decrees: 99% of oil profits go to the State »

President Rafael Correa signed an executive decree in which he establishes that 99% of the excess profits from oil will remain with the State and only 1% will be for oil companies.

Ecuador: Rafael Correa wins Majority in Constituent Assembly!!!!!! »

On September 30, 2007 Ecuador elected a Constituent Assembly to draft the new country’s Constitution. Movimiento Alianza Pais, Rafael Correas political movement, won more than 75 seats of the 130 seats in the Assembly. Is this the end of traditional political parties in Ecuador? Is the new Constitution going to establish a different framework for […]

Hello Willamette Community »

I am Rafael Cocios from Ecuador. I am a lawyer and I recently arrived to Willamette University College of Law in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Transnational Law. In 2000, while I was attending eleventh grade at American School of Quito, I was chosen to represent my country, Ecuador, in the Global Young Leadership […]

Hot, spicy, and prehistoric »


Ecuadorian bananas exports and their claim »

This article discusses how Ecuador (the world’s largest banana producer) is dissatisfied with the European Union. It also discusses how the rules of the European Union favor only Caribbean and African producers. To find out more please click on the provided site below. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it!

Back again! »

Hello World News readers. We (the world news writers) are back and ready to inform you about the current news in our home countries. I promise to do my best in informing you. I hope you enjoy the reading. Adriana Caviedes