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Hot, spicy, and prehistoric »


Ecuadorian bananas exports and their claim »

This article discusses how Ecuador (the world’s largest banana producer) is dissatisfied with the European Union. It also discusses how the rules of the European Union favor only Caribbean and African producers. To find out more please click on the provided site below. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it!

Back again! »

Hello World News readers. We (the world news writers) are back and ready to inform you about the current news in our home countries. I promise to do my best in informing you. I hope you enjoy the reading. Adriana Caviedes

Fiestas de Quito »

These days Quito is celebrating its foundation. There are several events that are happening in the city. My favorite one is called “Jesus del Gran Poder”; it’s an annual bullfighting that lasts 9 days.

Elections in Ecuador »


Adriana from Ecuador – My super presentation »

Hi My name is ADRIANA and I capitalize to avoid confusions with the other language assistant from Mexico. I don’t like ice cream and I’m afraid of chickens. I broke my right arm when I was two and split my lip when I was five. My favorite place of WU is the gym and Goudy […]

Oil workers start strike »

Susana Gomez A state of emergency has been declared in three of Ecuador’s oil-producing regions after workers began a strike over pay and working conditions. The strike is the latest dispute to hit Ecuador’s oil industry and embattled President Alfredo Palacio. Last month, protesters forced a cut in exports after briefly shutting two pipelines to […]

Ecuadorians appeal to senators to fix immigration »

Gabriela Cardenas Ecuadorians in the states proclaim their right to be accepted into the society on the Valentine▓s Day. They ask senators to open their hearts so they could legalize their situation in the States. This movement didn▓t have a good response cause people from the senate al ready was informed about this issue and […]

Ecuador wants to reduce child labor »

Susana Gomez Ecuadorian working children are the priority of Ecuadorian authorities these days. After a report by the International Labor Organization on the situation of kids working mainly in agricultural jobs, Ecuador’s National Committee for the Elimination of Child Labor said on Wednesday that inspections will start as a step towards ending the problem. What […]

Ecuador in constant fight against Colombia »

Gabriela Cardenas The 28th of January the President of Ecuador, Palacios, was informed about a violation of the limits in the north limits with Colombia. He and Francisco Carrion, the chancellor, traveled to the zone to establish a dialogue and see what really is happening in the frontier. After some studies of this and the […]

Ecuadorian president visits Colombian border »

Susana Gomez Ecuadorian President Alfredo Palacio made a surprise visit to the northern border on Thursday to inspect a spot where Ecuador officials say Colombian war planes violated its air space, his spokesman said. Palacio’s trip comes as Ecuador awaits a response from Bogota after Saturday’s incident in which Ecuador on Monday said Colombian aircraft […]

USA discriminates Ecuadorian Tuna »

Susana Gomez The tuna industry in Ecuador is in risk because of the exceptional treatment it has received from the USA. According to an Ecuadorian Fishing Representative, the USA discriminate Ecuadorian canned tuna, which could become a major problem once the Free Commerce Treaty (TLC is its acronym in Spanish) with USA is applied. The […]

Susana Gomez »

Night schools in Ecuador close The Ecuadorian Secretary of Education has come up with the oddest plan to improve Ecuadorian’s educational standards: all nocturne schools will disappear as a step towards the “Reconstruction of Nocturne Schools” Program. Almost 20 thousand people who attend these schools, most of them working children and adults, will be forced […]

Gabriela Cardenas »

Hi, I’m Gabriela Cardenas, from Ecuador. I was born in Quito, the capital of the country. I’m 19 years old and at the moment I’m staying in Salem attending at WU as an exchange student. In Quito I study in the USFQ (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), right now i’m a junior and I’m planing […]

Susana Gomez »

Hi everyone! I am Susana Gomez, from Quito, Ecuador. I came to Willamette because of its writing program. In Quito, I study journalism and Creative Writing. I enjoy thinking of life as of meanings and people▓s ways to convey them. No wonder I am glad to be writing for World News from the beginning of […]

Rafael Sandoval »

Mayor initiates march against the Government Several weeks ago there was a march in Guayaquil (Ecuador’s biggest city), against the government. Since Lucio Gutierrez, the president of the country, came to power, many aggrieving incidents have happened. Jaime Nebot, Guayaquil’s mayor, is one of the persons in charge of the group that’s against the actual […]

Rafael Sandoval »

USA choose their president The world followed with expectation the bitter elections in the United States, where 156 million citizens enrolled in 50 states decided the destiny of the country for the next the four years. In Ecuador we have a lot of influence from the United States, so the American election was a big […]

Rafael Sandoval »

Ecuador’s Galapagos Park Rangers End Strike As some of you might know, in Ecuador it’s located the Galapagos islands, last moth there was a strike against the government, because his changing the administration of many cities, and people don’t like that at all. It’s supposed to be for a good cause, I mean, as a […]

Ana C Castillo »

My name is Cristina Castillo. I am the new Spanish assistant for this year. I was born in Quito on December 18th, 1983. Quito, along with few cities in the world, was declared a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO over 25 years ago. I was on my second year of Tourist Administration before coming […]

Rafael Sandoval »

Hi all, I’m Rafael Sandoval, one of the new Spanish languages assistants for the academic year. I was born and raised in Ecuador (South America) – my home city is Guayaquil, is the biggest city in my country, is near the coast and it is a really hot city, but beautiful as well. I apply […]

Daniela C Solano »

After a great break at home, Ecuador, I’m back with some news from my country. Things haven’t change that much. Ecuador requests to Colombia more military and police presence in the North border The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Patricio Zuquilanda demanded that Colombia must place a larger presence of military and police control on its […]

Daniela C Solano »

Another political crisis in Ecuador A new scandal: the President of Ecuador, Lucio Gutierrez, is associated with drug trafficking. Cesar Fernandez, ex- governor of Manabí now detained by alleged traffic of drugs, supported economically in the electoral campaign of Gutiérrez. This scandal has debilitated still more to the Regime that after its distance of the […]

Daniella Solano »

I was surprised to know that here in the United States you still celebrate and remember Columbus Day. Some questions came to my mind. Did Christopher Columbus arrive in North America? Was he part of U.S. History? Knowing the answers to both of these questions is no, I started to think that any excuse is […]

Maria »

Hi! My name is Maria Clara Duran. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador. I arrived to Willamette University a month ago as an exchange student. Right now I am in my senior year. I study Liberal Arts with a major in Anthropology. I am happy to be here because […]

Women’s Rights in Ecuador »

Women are the 50.3% of the total of Ecuadorian population. Laws prohibit violence against women, including within marriage, abuses are widespread. The Law Against Violence Affecting Women and Children criminalized spousal abuse, including physical, sexual, and psychological abuse; created family courts; and reformed the Penal Code to give courts the power to remove an abusive […]