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Estonian Song Festivals »

This note presents clips on Estonian song festivals, part of UNESCO heritage of intangible and oral masterpieces. The festivals summon large numbers of the Estonian people together to sing and enjoy the summer weather. Currently the participating choirs number in the 800s and singers number around 22 thousand. Visitors can number in hundreds of thousands, […]

EU court decides on Scandinavian trade unions »

In two recent judgments, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the judicial organ of the European Union, has given opinions on industrial actions of powerful labor unions in two Scandinavian countries.The disputes arose in the aftermath of EU’s 2004 enlargement, where ten new member states, among them Estonia and Latvia, acceded the union.

Estonian establishes representations in Silicon Valley and Second Life »

In order to attract investments, Estonia recently opened embassies in two unexpected places – in Silicon Valley and in the virtual environment Second Life.

Drinking around the Finnish Gulf »

A constant issue deeply embedded in both Estonian and Finnish culture is our unhealthy relationship to alcohol. According to BBC, Heavy drinking is widespread in Estonia, which comes near the top of European Union rankings for alcohol consumption. On average each Estonian drinks 12 liters of pure alcohol each year and every year they are […]

Introducing Estonia »

Hello, My name is Heiki Eesmaa. I am here in Willamette as an exchange student for the year. In the University of Tartu, the University I am enrolled in at Estonia, I am a law student. Here in Willamette I have classes both at the CLA and Law School. My country, Estonia, is a small […]