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Three worldwide famous French movies »

Unlike America, whose film industry is famous all over the world, France has a limited number of movies that have such a broad influence. However, a few ones have had a lot of success, and more and more find their way to the international. Here is my selection of three French movies which have had […]

Over the Atlantic: the French Political System »

France is a democratic country whose motto is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” It conveys the values of people gathered in the same Nation. Once Monarchy was abolished in 1789 by what is known as the French Revolution and the decapitation of king Louis the 16th, there were different successive Republics. The Fifth Republic was approved in […]

Politics in France »

The actual president of France is Nicolas Sarkozy. He was elected in 2007 for a five-year term, so the next presidential elections will be in 2012 but we can already say that the election campaign has started…

Superstitions in France: top 3 »

Like many countries in the world, France has its superstitions. I think that five of them are still very present nowadays and if you mention them to the French, they will know exactly what you’re talking about. So, here are our top 3 popular beliefs: 1. The number 13 can be seen as a bad […]

Hello to you all Willamette Community »

My name is Jérôme and I come from Strasbourg, France, a city located in the North Eastern part of the country, at the border with Germany. I have mainly been raised between two countries and cultures since my mother is from Belgium and that half of my family lives there, resulting in a lot of […]

Bonjour »

Bonjour! My name is Mikhal. I come from Paris, France and I’m the French assistant for this academic year. I have studied six years in a university called La Sorbonne. It is certainly one of my favorite places in Paris. You want to know why? La Sorbonne is a place full of history, but it […]

France Celebrates International Women’s Day »

Following a decision of the United Nations, the 8th of March was made the official day for women worldwide in 1977. The socialist government chose to apply it in France in 1982. Unlike many countries, this is not a day off but a time when many events take place across the country. One of these […]

Développement Durable en France »

There are many things that can be said about sustainability. Over the past few years, I think people in France have become more and more aware of the problems generated by the negative impact of non-recyclable items which jeopardize sustainable development. I think this feeling is shared in many countries in Europe. People get involved […]

La Saint Valentin »

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I’ll try to present how this event is celebrated in France objectively. There are many theories about its origin, but if you want to learn more about this, here is a useful link:

Cultural shock from a French perspective »

Coming from a Western country, I guess the ‘cultural shock’ I experienced when I first came to Willamette was not as strong and interesting as for someone coming from a very different environment. Let’s face it, we French people are not that different from Americans, are we?

A French Christmas »

For the last entry of the year, what could be more exciting than talking about than Christmas? Of course Christmas is a very important event in France, but maybe not for the religious reasons as it used to be a generation ago. Indeed, according to a poll, only 14% of the French see it as […]

France warmly welcomes the 44th President of the United States »

Like in Europe, France got very excited about the US elections and the French have been following the debates and showing interest in the race for the presidency for a long time before the final results. Here is a video that shows how French people were concerned about the elections and how diverse their opinions […]

Halloween in France »

Halloween is on its way, let’s talk about what it represents in France. Halloween in France is rather controversial, due to the fact that it is not a typical French holiday and some people still do not understand what is being celebrated.

Financial Crisis in France »

Hi everyone, Let’s talk a bit about the financial crisis which is hitting France too! When I talk to my relatives back home, they all seem very worried about what’s going on at the moment. Some banks went bankrupt and everyone is scared about their money.

Bonjour tout le monde! »

Hi everyone ! My name is Simon and I come from France. I am the new French language assistant at Willamette for this year! I am really happy to be here as it’s my 1st time in the United States.

A French Noël »

Bonjour! I’m going home for the Winter break and I’m so excited about celebrating Noël/Christmas with my family. If you want to know more about Christmas traditions in France, you can check the following website where you can find lyrics for traditional Christmas carols in France. Happy holidays! And see you next year 😉 Winter […]

Major Strikes in France »

When I talked with some students about the major strikes in France these days, their reaction was “strikes in France, really?” Déjà vu! French people are well-known for going on strike and to the streets when they want to make themselves heard. The reform that the government wants to pass (to change union privileges for […]

Controversy about DNA tests for immigrants in France »

I chose to introduce an article about one of the most controversial issues these last days in France. It is about one of the amendments to a bill on immigration introduced by Brice Hortefeux, the Secretary of Immigration. Indeed during the election campaign immigration issues were a very important part of discussions. One of the […]

Nobel Prize in Physics »

Hi, Caroline and I wanted to introduce this article about Peter Grünberg and Albert Fert, German and French physicists, who both just won the Nobel Prize in Physics last week.If you want to know more about their amazing work, go take a look at this article. You’ll be surprised to see how much use we […]

Bonjour! »

Hi everyone! My name is Florence Kaczorowski and I’m the French language assistant for this year at Willamette. I am from Tourcoing which is in the north of France in the Lille metropolitan area. Lille is a great place to live, it has a very rich cultural life (it was the European Capital of Culture […]

Speed train record in France »

I have chosen to introduce this article about TGV (high spped train) to you because there is a new line from Paris to Strasbourg (East of France) which will be inaugurated in June. This is considered as a big event in France and especially where I live (you will be able to reach Paris from […]

Another candidate than Sarkozy and Royal wins the presidential election??? “The French version of a Bill Clinton or a Tony Blair” »

Media has only been reporting Sarkozy and Royal’s deeds for the last few months. Nonetheless, a new serious candidate has appeared in the polls, his name is François Bayrou, a “centrist”. He defines himself as a democrat, a Clintonian, a man of the “third way”. Besides, in this article, Bayrou reveals his view about the […]

A woman in a position to win the presidency! »

Last Thursday, French socialists chose their candidate to run for the presidential election in May 2007. Ségolène Royal won more than 60 percent of votes.

Again violence in French suburbs »

This moment marks the first anniversary of the riots that shook France last year. Violence started again in the Paris suburbs. In Marseille, a burnt bus left a woman passenger with life-threatening burns. It is important for French people to observe how Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is dealing with this situation since he is one […]

France: a principle – the right of asylum »

Here is the story of a Romanian who had to escape from his own country because he had been a victim of an injustice. He was thought to be a member of the mafia by Romania’s economic police.