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10 Things about my Germany »

In this last article of the semester I want to share 10 things about my country with you.

“Different countries, different habits?!” »

“Different countries, different habits“ is a saying that we have in Germany. But I found that you have similar sayings in English as well. This might already indicate that there are of course also many similarities between German and American social life.

The Trend to Go Green »

The German political party that has its main interest in environmental policy is called „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen“. The central idea of their policy is ecological, economical and social sustainability. The party „Die Grünen“  was founded in the 1980s and has its origins in the anti-nuclear power, ecology, peace and women’s movement of the 1970s. In 1993 […]

Charlotte Roche – A Provocative Novelist »

Having National Icons as the topic for the 2nd issue of the WWN made me reflect about which German person I could write about. A long list of different great and influencing names popped up in my head: great figures like  the physician Albert Einstein, the philosopher Immanuel-Kant, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche. Then I […]

Hallo zusammen! »

My name is Ilka Birke and I am the German language assistant at Willamette University this year. I come from Münster which is located in the North-West of Germany. It is close to the Dutch border and to the Ruhr region which is an urban area including cities as Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Essen. Münster is […]

The Variety of the German Language »

Some people say that German is a difficult language. In terms of grammar, it is definitely not one of the easiest languages to learn as a second language. If your mother tongue is English you will encounter a lot of similarities concerning vocabulary, though, since both languages are Germanic languages.

German Cuisine – It’s more than just sausages & sauerkraut »

The German cuisine is known for its large variety of sausages, for Sauerkraut, and beer. But there’s much more to German food than that. The main meal of the day used to be lunch. For dinner a lot of Germany just used to have Brotzeit, which means a variety of bread, spreads, cheese, and sausage. […]

Germany in 2010 – A Year in Review »

The year of 2010 was a year full of events that kept the attention of the whole world. Everyone was anxious about the oil tank catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and everyone was glad for the saved mine workers in Chile. But what happened during 2010 in Germany? The next paragraphs will give you […]

Finally, music in German – and it shows once more, how rich in expression the German language actually is! »

Most of the music that is played on German radio stations, in clubs and on TV is in English. It has been that way for decades. The German language was not cool enough, the good stuff came from abroad: the US, UK and so on. The only music in German was the so called Schlager […]

If you want to do politics with us you have to talk to our chancellor not the president »

Salem, Oregon, a few days before election day 11/02/2010: the TV programs are full of campaign commercials. One politician points out the failures of his opponent and bawls him down. Then for a comparatively short amount of time he praises what he would do better if you vote for him. The main difference that I […]

They match! »

When I heard the topic “Superstitions, Fears and Scary Stories” of this blog entry I tried to think of German examples and talked to some Americans about them. And apparently all of the stories matched! In Germany you are also a little bit worried when a black cat crosses your way. When you break a […]

Hallo! Servus! Grüezi! »

Hi everyone! My name is Nadine Sulzberger and I’m from the green and pulsating city of Munich, Germany. First, I went to university there but then transferred to the University of Passau. Like Munich, Passau is located in Bavaria, a state which is in the southern part of Germany, at the crossing of three rivers. […]

Last few words »

I don’t really have a moment to share which I’ll always remind about when I get back to Germany. This year was just such a big experience for me to get clear about being a teacher. I totally loved working with all the students here and with my colleagues in the German Department and I’ll […]

German Nature »

It is kind of difficult for me to write something about biodiversity in Germany. Between the German nature and the American nature there is not that much difference. We have nearly the same animals back in Germany. They are mostly just different in their colors. The squirrels here in America looks totally different compared to […]