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I love this feature from BBC.com – “Country profile” »

This link will take you to the country profile for India. More importantly, I wanted to introduce all of you to this feature from BBC.com; they provide overview of a country (with a little history), key facts, political leaders, and major media-players/sources & to some extent its efficiency. I make a new friend from a [...]

Coming from a smoker…a health tip! »

Vaibhav Rajpal
Though Yoga’s origin is shrouded, evidence links the earliest Yoga tradition back at least 5000 years.
The Indus-Sarasvati civilization also gave birth to the ancient texts known as the Vedas, the oldest scriptures in the world. The Vedas are a collection of hymns that praise a higher power; they contain the oldest recorded Yogic teachings, [...]

Taj Mahal √ symbol of love »

Vaibhav Rajpal
All Shah Jahan▓s wife wished for was a tomb that the world had never seen before. So, the Shah turned around and made the seventh wonder of the world.
Many of us have heard about Taj Mahal but not many know it is actually a tomb built in memory (& wishes) of the wife of [...]

Indian Food Recipes »

Vaibhav Rajpal
Anyone who has taste can be a cook, and as I have said countless times, India is a traveler’s and foodie▓s delight. I am attaching a link for recipes for Indian food, vegetarian and meat dishes alike. In case you need to make choices on what you want to try to cook, let me [...]

Vaibhav Rajpal »

Fashion !!!
This isn’t a news article; it’s a link that highlights some clothes on the Indian fashion ramp. Women might be particularly interested to read. In my writing, I would like to begin with one site which talks about India in general.
India to make ‘radical proposals’ at SAARC summit
We have the British structure in the [...]

Vaibhav Rajpal »

Hi Folks,
I am Vaibhav. For those of you who have managed to read so far, I am from Mumbai, India and I am studying at the Business School. So if you ever want to have a good chat, feel free to e-mail me. What I appreciate most is a smile.
India is the seventh largest country [...]

Anna Maria Pinto »

Indian junions are ”inside intel”
As is now the pattern, the usual clutch of students of Indian-origin have made the final cut for the Intel Science Talent Search, an annual event whose top finds are said to be progress towards the Nobel Prize and other high honours later in life.
India hot spot for dental tourism
Meditation seems [...]

Anna Maria Pinto »

India Rocks
From third-world economy to global economic powerhouse—India is the country to watch in the years ahead. While the global media fixates on China’s boundless future, India, the English-speaking democracy with a huge middle class, is a far better bet, according to The International Economy.
India Techies Hail Bush Win
The Indian IT industry expressed delight at [...]

Anna Maria Pinto »

Re-packaging Gandhi for the youth
Faced with the threat of Gandhian legacy being wiped out through disinformation and distortions, there is now a concerted effort to reinvent the man, and his ideals. A series of programs are being organized in the state of Gujarat in India. They plan on inviting speakers to offer a fresh perspective [...]