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Kon’nichiwa from Japan »

Hi, my name is Naoko Matsuo. I’m from Tokyo, Japan. This is a very small city, but a lot of people live in there.

What Kind of Japanese Food Would you Like? »

Hi all, Food Food Food! I am sorry I was so excited about this topic. Since I came to US, have met people who live all over the world and like Japanese food like Sushi, Sashimi and Udon. However today I am going to tell you about Japanese foods that you do not know yet, […]

Immigration to Japan »

Hi Everyone. Today’s topic is immigration. I think everyone is interested in this topic. What do you have the image of immigration to Japan? How many people do immigrate to Japan in a year? Where do people move into Japan from? Why did they come to settle in Japan? What are they doing for their […]

Japanese Arts »

Hi All! This topic is art.Art is not a part of my life. I have not learned Japanese art in school. So I just know a few of the Japanese arts. But I want to tell you that Japanese arts are interesting and beautiful. I am telling you about Japanese traditional art like Ukiyoe, Karesansui and […]

Friendship (友情) »

Hi All, How do you become friends with a stranger? How do you make a good strong connection with your friends? What do you do with your friends? Do you usually argue with friends, or not? What do you talk about with your friends? I think you already realized this week’s topic: it’s friendship.

Music (音楽) »

Hi everyone, What kind of music do you like? What kind of music do you usually listen to? Maybe some of you reading my entry are listening to your favorite music right now! As you can guess, this week’s topic is music. What is your image of Japanese music?

Education(教育) »

Hello everyone, Education is a topic that influences the future of each country. I would like to talk about the current educational system of Japan, major differences between Japanese schools and American schools and the current problems in education.

Wedding (結婚) »

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I think this topic is interesting for most women. This topic is weddings. I’ll talk about preparation before the wedding and Japanese wedding ceremonies in the past and today.

Rememberance: How do you think of the dead? »

Hi all! How are you doing? This topic is Remembrance: How do you think of the dead? I would like to talk about traditional Japanese rites and holidays that take place to honor the memory of deceased relatives and ancestors.

Politics and election of Japanese (日本の政治と選挙) »

Hello! »

Hello everyone! My name is Rie Maeda. I am the Japanese language assistant. My hometown is Ibaraki, which is close to Tokyo, about 40 minutes away by train.

It is Time… »

I have been working at Willamette University as the Japanese Language Assistant for two years.  I like this beautiful University a lot.  I met many people and have a lot of precious memories here.  My meaning of beautiful is including every one of those things.

Where do Fashion trends come from in Japan? »

Japanese Fashion… There are many kinds of fashion in Japan just as in other countries.  Many people are interested in Fashion with own sense.  The trend in clothes is changing quickly.  So it is difficult to catch up on time.

salty & tasty food from Japan »

What kind of Japanese food do you like best?   I like almost all Japanese foods.  But it is hard to tell you all Japanese foods here. Can you guess what is salty and tasty Japanese food? It is UME(Japanese plum).  I am going to talk about UME (Japanese plum) for this time.