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What is the sustainable Green movement? »

These says, we are trying to save and protect the environment all around the world.  There are many campaigns to live sustainably and preserve the environment in Japan as well.  I would like to tell you about some things being done by many citizens in Japan.

Japanese Comedians »

Everyone likes to laugh. And laughter has the power to makes others happy!  But humor has different inclinations depending on the country or even the person.  This time, I chose to write about Japanese comedians as our national icons, because a country’s comedy or sense of humor is usually not well known outside of the […]

Hello from Japan »

Please check my hometown on the map in below.

As you might know, this place has very hard time now because of TSUNAMI. But we all know the people around the world could help and encourage us a lot. So we are doing our best so that it become to retrieve as early as we can. I am also doing my best here!!

Thanks WU! »

My studying abroad will be at an end within three weeks. I still find it hard to phrase exact words to express how I feel about graduating from WU and saying good bye to friends. There are many things that happened in my life and these experiences have changed my life while I’m here. I […]

Take action!! »

Since I came to the US, I have seen and felt many differences from Japan through daily life, contact with friends from all around the world and the people here, nature, and so on.

Thank you, Willamette! I love you! »

It is hard to believe that I am graduating in a few days… I feel like I came here only a few months ago, but I cannot even remember how I felt and how I was when I came here two years ago. I have so many great memories from these two years at Willamette. […]

Globalization of Japanese? »

There are three sets of alphabets in Japanese: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Many nouns are written in Kanji, verbs and adjectives are written mostly in Kanji-Hiragana combination, particles and auxiliary verbs are in Hiragana, and words borrowed from foreign languages in Katakana.

What is the staple winter food in Japan? »

What can you imagine about Japanese food? There are a lot of famous foods in Japan. For example, Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, and so on… I would like to share something about staple meals you would find in the Japanese home, especially during winter season. According to the calendar it is almost spring. However, we still […]

The Keywords-of- the-Year contest for 2010 in Japan »

I would love to share with you something from Japan of last year. Many things happened in Japan last year, just like in your country. So I decided to tell you something important from Japan last year based on “The keywords-of- the-year contest for 2010”. This prize is given to the word which affected our […]

ANIME and more? »

I think a great aspect of Japanese popular culture is anime. As you may know, there are many animation films and cartoons in Japan. The most famous place associated with anime is AKIHABARA in Tokyo. The place is also famous for electric things. So AKIHABARA is very crowded everyday, especially weekends. However, I recommend going […]

Politics of Japan from my small sight »

The current Japanese prime minister is Naoto Kan who belongs to the Democratic party of Japan. We had a big change last year when the political party in office was changed from Liberal Democratic party to the Democratic party. As you may know, the Japanese prime minister has changed many times over the past several […]

Superstition & scary stories in Japan »

I like these kinds of topics. We also have many superstitions in Japan. But I think that it is different depending on the area in Japan just like each country has its own superstitions. The superstitions that I know are below:

Japanese and Thai spirits »

Both in Japan and Thailand, people believe in the existence of ghosts and spirits. Our religion, Buddhism, is based on animism belief, thus we believe everything has spirits. They are not entirely harmful supernatural beings. Most of them are good spirits, often called gods, who protect us from evils. Strong connections to spirits in our […]

こんにちは »

HAJIMEMASHITE Kazue DESU. DOUZO YOROSHIKU!! Hello everyone!! My name is Kazue Saito. I’m the new Japanese Language Assistant from Sendai City of Miyagi prefecture in Japan. It takes about 2 hours to go to the north of Tokyo by Shinkansen. Sendai City has a famous festival in August. We call it “TANABATA-MATSURI.” I posted a […]

Hello! Konnichiwa! Sawadee! »

Hi! I’m Ayaka. It’s so exciting to come back to Willamette again this year! I’m a senior, majoring in Sociology and this is my second and last year at WU. I have a little unique background. I am Japanese, but when I was one and a half years old, I moved to Thailand. Most of […]

Junko from Japan »

Hi everyone! My name is Junko from Japan. I came to the States as a one-year exchange student in 2007 and transferred to WU in 2009 so this is my third year living in Oregon. heehee : ) My three years in Oregon have been just fabulous and I guess it will be tough for […]

Japanese Food = Eat Healthy »

Once I was amazed that whenever people mention the “Japanese food” or “Japan”, Sushi is always the first thing coming up in their mind.I admit Sushi is popular in Japan too, but I hope the idea of healthy Japanese food is not based on Sushi. Although Sushi seems to be fresh and low-calorie, Sushi is […]

Baseball or Football? »

Baseball has been a national sport in Japan for quite a bit of time. We used to have “the baseball boys” who had practiced since middle school and dreamed that someday they would become professional players. But now football or soccer has replaced the baseball and there are those “soccer boys” who have practiced soccer […]

Who’s the Most Popular on V-day in Japan? »

First I would like to thank whoever “Pisipisi” me to show their support for the Willamette World News. It reminds me that last year some people danced and sang “Chocolate Disco” to show their support toward V-day’s articles. What is “Chocolate Disco”? It is a cute song about interactions between girls and boys on Valentine’s […]

都市伝説 (Toshi Densetsu) »

I都市伝説(toshi densetsu) is initially just a story which has been told among people. As the time passes, the story becomes more scary and always involves “the ghost,” or something we can’t explain. I do not really know how this transition occurred, but it is not hard to guess that people tend to make stories more […]

An event in Fall »

It is fall. Fall in Japan is a season that represents sports and food, and we have a phrase: スポーツの秋 (Sports no Aki where Aki = fall)、食欲の秋 (Shokuyoku no Aki where Shokuyoku = appetite). It is sensible to consider fall as the time of eating, and it probably comes from agricultural perspectives, but how come […]

Autumn in Japan is awesome!! »

Ask the Japanese “What season is autumn for?” They would say “”autumn is the season for sports.” Another says “autumn is the season for eating.” Maybe “autumn is the season for reading” Or “autumn is the season for arts”

こんにちわ! »

Hi~everyone, How was the summer??? Say, let me start a short introduction here, for those who don’t know me, and for those who know me but don’t remember exactly who I am. I’m Yu Senzaki, I’ve been writing this blog since last year and i’m an international student from Japan.You probably won’t see me around […]

The Last Article in My Junior Year—-H1M1 »

It took me a long time to write this last article partially because the word “last”, which has a magical power, made me felt I have to write something special. However, it’s mostly because the jet lag had runied my days. The first few days after I backed to Japan, I kept sleeping at 3pm […]

Popular music, books and movies in Japan »

Hi~ How was everyone’s spring break? I went down to L.A. for the Spring TaB, and protested against companies on the street. I lost my voice because of yelling too much during the protesting. After few days I was able to speak, but my friend said I sound like a 40 years old businessman. Now […]