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Japan is a male society »

Over the last 20 years, many women have started working after graduating from college. This is probably because the 10-year-recession has forced women to work after their husband’s wages were cut again and again. However, it is still very common for women to get married instead of working right after graduation. Mainly this is because […]

Sustainability- The New Way for Japanese to be Competitive in the World Economic Market »

Sustainability is such an important topic for Japan since Japan is a country which does not have many resources. Recycling, producing efficiently, and environmental production, are ecological contexts have been popularized over the past 10 years and Japanese have a high interest in sustainability.

The Chocolate Disco »

As many people know from Anime, Valentine’s Day in Japan is the day that girls give boys chocolate, which is the opposite of the US. There are two types of chocolates that girls will give. One is called 義理チョコ(ぎりちょこ), Giri-choco.

TIUA students are coming »

I asked my German friend, what are the stereotypes of Japanese in Germany. He said “Short” and “Camera.” I don’t want to be viewed as a short person who always bring a camera, so I asked the same question to my another American friend and expected a better answer.

Christmas = KFC? »

I remember once I stepped into KFC at night on Christmas Eve, they asked me to wait for a hour to buy one piece of chicken, because all of their chickens had already been reserved. KFC is not very popular as McDonald’s is, and I have seen two KFC shut down so far in my […]

Any “change” in Japan??? »

How Japanese feels about this elections? Hard to say. Politicians are saying that no matter who is the next president, the strong relationship between Japan and the US would not change.

Japanese people do wear costumes for Halloween. »

Usually Halloween is such a big day for firms. They are busy trying to create “the special goods” which are only sold in a certain period of time.

The issue of wasting food in Japan »

I’d like to introduce Second Harvest Japan—–the 1st food bank in Japan. This firm was actually started by an American navy officer, Charles McJilton, who was studying in Japan and graduated from Jyochi Daigaku (Sophia University). There are two youtube videos about this food bank company in the link below.

Minami from Japan »

Hello all. I am the new Language Assistant from Japan. I am actually from TIUA 2005 and I come back here about 3 years later. At Willamette, nothing seems to have changed but the people.

こんにちわ »

Hi~I’m Yu Senzaki who is an international student from Japan and a transfer student that tranferred as a junior. I’m an Econ major, so you probably can see me in Smullin many times.(*'-')b

Japanese Tradition-Sushi »

This video clip is pretty hilarious. But, I wonder who it was made for. If this is some sort of a comedy for Japanese people, I think that’s awesome. Anyways, enjoy this video. You can learn how to eat sushi at a sushi bar or Japanese restaurant. But, you might better ask your Japanese friends […]

Economic situation of Japan »

Although Japan’s economy is recovering, there are several elements in the world economy that remain unclear, which make the foundation for the Japanese economy unstable. First, the social security system of Japan should be reformed. Until now, each element of the system – pensions, medical care, and nursing care – has been reformed separately. Recently, […]

Valentine’s Day in Japan »

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Is there a special way of spending this time in your culture? In Japan, it is only women who give presents (mainly chocolates) to men. Japanese women are usually too shy to express their love. (Though it might not be true nowadays.) Therefore, Valentine’s Day was thought […]

Poritical situation of Japan »

Japan is moving toward a two-party system comprised of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Japan. The international environment surrounding Japan has changed drastically in the last ten years. In the midst of economic globalization, the laws and systems adopted by a given nation have even more impact than before on whether […]

Juvenile Crime Education and Society – between Japan and the U.S. »

Although I created some graphs to show the rate of crime, I could not insert them.

Watch this Film! -‘Letters from Iwo jima” »

Although this is not an article about the latest news in Japan, I would like to introduce you to a film called “Letters from Iwo jima”. This film is impressive and I think it has to be seen by many people in order to understand the truth about World War II. With “Flags of Our […]

konnichiwa »

Konnihiwa, kongakki mo douzo yoroshiku.; Hello, again (Greeting for this semester.) I am the Japanese Language Assistant for Spring 2007. I have been here since Fall 2006 and will be on this occupation until the end of spring 2008. Since you have a lot of opportunities to meet and chat with TIUA (Japanese students at […]

Should Japan Go Nuclear? »

For these past few decades, Japan has maintained its three non-nuclear principles of not producing, possessing, and not introducing nuclear weapons into the country. I strongly believe that Japan should never go nuclear because it is the only country that has had a tragic experience of being attacked by atomic bombs, and we should be […]

Abe, Bush vow to take “decisive action” against North Korea »

Japan has been threatened immediate and stern measure over North Korea test, although the Prime Minister, Abe, had taken over post Koizumi. However, I think the issue will stay for long andwon’t be solved until Japan roots a fundamentally warm relationship in entire Asian countries.

Misuzu from Japan »

Konnichiwa. Misuzu des. dozo-yoroshiku. Hello, I’m Misuzu. Nice to meet you. I’m a Japanese language assistant for 2006/2007. However, I may continue in this position for another year. I like Willamette University because it has a beautiful environment and with nice people. This environment is similar to the one in Albany in Western Australia where […]

Pros and cons about female emperors »

Sayaka Horinouchi In Japan, there were only male can be emperors by law today. However, the children who are members of the Imperial Family are only girls now. Therefore, government panel needs to discuss about female can be emperor or not. Eighty percent of the Japanese nation agree with the opinion that female can be […]

Sayaka Horinouchi »

Pros and cons about female emperors In Japan, there were only male can be emperors by law today. However, the children who are members of the Imperial Family are only girls now. Therefore, government panel needs to discuss about female can be emperor or not. Eighty percent of the Japanese nation agree with the opinion […]

Naoko Kasakoshi »

Hi, my name is Naoko Kasakoshi. I am a transfar student from Tokyo International University in Japan. Now I am a junior and my major is Rhetoric and Massmadia Studies.I am excited to join this group to share our own country’s news. Hope, through this project, you will get some intersts about Japan! thanks!

Seiji Hara »

I’ll Scratch Your Back if You Go To War Things these days between Washington D.C. and Tokyo are pretty sweet. Pretty much all the news coming from Japan and the U.S. regarding one another has been nothing but stories of success in economic progress, political solidarity and the underlying theme of friendship. In fact, Japan […]

Seiji Hara »

The Japanese economy has been increasingly feeling the effects of a more economically powerful China. With growing wealth, the purchasing power of 1.3 billion Chinese has never looked so promising to Japanese companies. Most of these companies are technology oriented such as cellular phones, digital cameras and DVD players. The automobile industry is also seeing […]