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Morocco »

By Alia Razid First things first, presentation time! Well, briefly, my name is Alia and I am a Moroccan exchange student from Al Akhawayn University. This is my first time in the U.S and I can say that the culture shock I was expecting didn’t really happen, or at least not as strongly as I expected it […]

A Moroccan In A Bistro »

By Sofia El Otmani When I first arrived at Willamette University, one of the first buildings that I visited was the Putnam University Center and the Bistro inside of it. I still remember the way the Willamette students first described the Bistro upon my arrival: the Bistro is warm, comfortable, and instills a wide variety […]

Morocco: The First Constitutional Monarchy of the Arab World »

By Sofia El Otmani After crossing half of the world to be in Willamette University, I have discovered that being the only Moroccan here is a unique and very interesting experience. Not only do I get to see the surprise and amazement of people when I describe how it is to be from Morocco, but […]

Assalam Alikoum »

Hi everyone, as you noticed the title of my entry is “asalam alikoum” which is “hello” in Arabic. My name is Maria Aarabi. I am a 21 years old Moroccan girl who has always dreamed about coming to US and knowing more about it. I am here at Willamette based on the exchange program done […]

Moroccan Women in continuous progress »

By Basma Lahmine International Women’s day on March 8th is an imperative day in Morocco since it is an occasion to drive the attention to women’s achievements in many fields. Indeed the Moroccan woman plays a significant role in the society because of her contribution to education, the economy and politics. But before talking about […]

Sustainability in Morocco »

By Basma Lahmine Like many countries in the world, Morocco also faces a serious environmental damage. Morocco suffers from huge natural resources scarcity especially for water and land. Recently, industrialization and urbanization have been creating serious issues as well.

Introducing Basma from Morocco »

My name is Basma Lahmine and I am 20 year old senior studying at Willamette on exchange from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. Al Akhawayn University is considered as one of the best universities in Morocco.

Valentine’s Day in Morocco »

By Basma Lahmine After the New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is the greatest day during the year since is the day of Love. Love is that wonderful feeling that gives flavor to our lives. None of us can survive without loving and being loved. Love is necessary for the well-being of our soul. In my […]