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Nicaragua: A Hidden Paradise to Discover »

By Julia M. Robleto Flores In the heart of the American continent, a land of lakes and volcanoes emerges known as Nicaragua, a country with old colonial cities, lonely beaches, impressive lakes and lagoons, many volcanoes, bodies of water, wild jungle, and breathtaking mountains with 70 different exotic ecosystems. It’s hard to believe that there […]

Initial Thoughts About Access to Education »

By Julia M. Robleto Flores In a quote, Gandhi says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” From that point of view, I believe that from any perspective, whether it be historical, theoretical, theological, social or psychological, education can be perceived as a central axis of human development. […]

Nicaraguans after The United States Elections »

By Julia Flores-Robleto, Spanish Language Assistant November 8th was a historic day in the United States of America. The world is holding its breath after the results of the election. Trump is a man with radical ideas and holds an anti-immigrant position fueled by xenophobia. Despite this, he managed to receive millions of votes. Donald […]