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No, I’m Not Married »

So you’re going to the philharmonic with your host mom for the first time, and you’re making small talk along the way. She asks you if you’re dating anyone, and you say her, you have a boyfriend. She then jumps to the conclusion that “boyfriend” means “husband” and asks “so how long have you been […]

Old New Year and Other Russian Holidays »

Hello wonderful Willametonians! When it comes to holidays not typically celebrated in the United States, Russia has a whole calendar of them. Literally. Russia follows the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar\Julian calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar (which is the calendar Westerners use). An example of this would be how Russia celebrates New Year’s Day […]

The Floor is Hot Lava »

Привет/Privet dear readers! I must say, I had no idea that the floor is hot lava in Russia (remember those primary school days), and that the rugs go on the wall. Yet, this is one of the many lessons I have stowed away in my mental archives since embarking on a study abroad to Russia. […]

Food, Glorious Food »

Hello Willamette! Long time no write! I’m afraid this is going to be my last contribution to WWN so I better make it as tasty as possible, no? As it happens, food is one of my great passions in life; whether it is eating, feeding, making or simply looking at food. (Google Images is both […]

Immigration to and, More Commonly, from Russia »

What prompts citizens to leave their homeland forever and how does their life change because of it? I’d like to start my reflection at the first steps of the process – in the consulate, because as it happens, I was there this morning (don’t freak out though, I’m not moving).

In the Palaces of Russia »

Having grown up in U.S, I’ve seen Russia only as a tourist.Every other year or so, my family has traveled to St. Petersburg, where most of our family lives. Frankly, it’s my favorite city in the world (but don’t tell the other cities that). The “Venice of the North,” as it is sometimes called, holds […]

Привет! »

Привет, dear friends! My name is Anastasia and I have the privilege of being the Russian Language Assistant this year and joining you in Willamette World News. Although I grew up in America, I remain a native Russian speaker. My family migrated from Russia when I was ten months old, and since then Russian has […]

Haunted Kremlin »

Old fortresses, even after one battle, are sometimes claimed to have ghosts and spirits of defeated souls roaming them. Kremlin was priginally a fortress, then a castle of aort, and more recently served as headquarters for a major world power that was spreading workers’ revolution throughout the world. Internal political conflicts, assassinations of political leaders […]

Stalin Still Haunting »

November 7th, up until a few years ago, was celebrated as an anniversary of the rise of Communist Party to power in Russia. I see symbolism in the controversy that is brewing at the present moment in Russia as this formerly important holiday approaches.

Trying to leap over the gender gap… »

…and missing the other edge by a few $ grand in the difference of salaries. Very few, if any at all, “first-world” countries can pride themselves on the non-existence of a salary gender gap. It exists in the U.S., it exists in Europe, it”s been around for quite a while.

No oil, No coal, No problem »

To a country that is numbered 7 on the list of top 20 oil reserve states according to the CIA world factbook, “sustainability,” the fancy word entering the global vocabulary list, shouldn’t ring a bell just yet. As Eugene Kozlovski, a professor of the Optimization Department in the National Institute of Geological Research of Russia […]

What culture shock? »

February, 2003. Fearing for my life because of the taxi driver’s bravado on a highway. Moscow, Russia : 25 degrees Fahrenheit, sleet on the roads. Within 24 hours, I find myself on a different planet: flower beds with rhododendrons getting ready to slowly go into shy, not yet full, bloom, and green lawns on which […]

News Year’s comes around only twice a year »

The distinction between between the Russian Celebration of New Year’s and X-mas in America is not distinguishable – for most of the country, the celebration has taken on the more “consumerism” and “getting together with family and friends” approach.

Cold War II Averted? Russia’s take on Obama vs McCain. »

You will probably read about how the whole world is getting the aggressive “hope” vibe from Obama in other World News entries by my colleagues, but I will tell you something you won’t likely see anywhere else:
the fact that McCain LOST was a better indicator of change coming to the U.S. that Obama having been elected.