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Halloween Controversy in Russia »

Hallows Eve in Russia – more of controversy and less of a masquerade than it should be. What justification do opponents of this Western tradition use?

Cosmonatiutics Day »

On April 12th, 1961 the USSR launched the first man ever into an outer space. Yurii Gagarin became the first man who witnessed the wonders of outer space. Such event became a phenomenon for the whole world. Nobody expected the Soviet abilities, thus it was a shock to the world when the USSR was the […]

International Women’s Day!!! »

The 8th of March is an official public holiday recognized by the Russian government. On these days, government offices, embassies and some shops, are closed. If the date of observance falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday will be a day off in lieu of the holiday.March 8th is designated by the United […]

Greetings from Kuban, Russia »

Hi, my name is Natasha or Natalia, the full name version. I came from Russia a month ago. I’m a Russian Language Assistant. I work with American students who study Russian language and culture. I live in the city of Krasnodar, South of Russia, Krasnodar Krai (also Kuban). Kuban is famous for its resorts on […]

Anastasia Polosukina »

The EU has imposed serious sanctions against the US. The trade war has broken out between European Union and USA. The European Union tried multiple times to persuade USA to adjust their legislation to the law of the European Union and World Trade Organization. Since USA did not obey, as a result the EU imposed […]

Anastasia Polosukina »

It Is Costly to Criticize Poutin It seems as if the power of censorship is growing in Russia. Not too long ago NTV authorities did not allow to air a material about Elena Tregubova’s book “Tales of the Kremlin Digger”, planned to be featured in Leonid Parfenov’s “Namedni”. One of the materials of the book […]