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Hello from Grahamstown, South Africa »

Hey! My name is Ryan de Villiers and I’m from South Africa. And yes, I am white and speak English. I am a study abroad student for the spring semester here at Willamette and am thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I am from Rhodes University in an even smaller town than Salem, Grahamstown, which is […]

Afrikaans! »

Hi everyone! My name is Marlon Smith. I’m an exchange student from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, but I’m originally from the mother city of Cape Town. My home languages are Afrikaans and English but I’m studying Chinese and French as well. So far my time here at Willamette University has been great, […]

Elections in South Africa »

South Africa is an interesting case and I am going to tell you the wonders of elections in my country. Did you know that South Africa was the last country in the world to gain its independence? Before 1994, South Africa was under the rule of Apartheid (legal racial system enforced by the National Party).

Scary is fun! »

My first Halloween… EVER!

Halloween »

“Moloweni manene nam nenekazi!” “Molweni manene namanenekazi” is hello ladies and gentlemen in isiXhosa language (my mother tongue). Let’s get into business! Halloween???? This will be my first time celebrating Halloween in my life. Most South Africans do not celebrate Halloween because it is not part of their culture but some South Africans do (university […]

Diveristy is a common good »

Hi there! My name is Amy and I am studying in South Africa, but I am originally from Namibia. I enjoy diversity and I am intrigued with variety. I think life would be so boring if we were all the same. However, sometimes we are more alike than we think- and even that is cool! […]

My first foreign experience »

Hello everyone. My name is Andisiwe Mthatyana. I am an exchange student from South Africa (Rhodes University). I am only here at Willamette University for fall semester (2010). So far my experience has been good and I really wish I could extend my stay here. Leaving Rhodes University for Willamette University has been a great […]