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How do the seasons affect your life? »

Sometimes, we get so used to our environment that we even forget how we interact with the surroundings and are influenced by them. Seasons are clearly one of the things I tend to overlook even though they affect almost every aspect of my life! Since I was young, I experienced a wide range of weather […]

The city I am from, Daegu. »

I come from the ‘large hill’ in South Korea. Yes, that’s what my city, Daegu, literally means. I guess many people reading this article know about or are interested in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Maybe, I shouldn’t be talking about my city that probably no one cares. But, as a person who […]

I’m still thinking… »

Time has a wing…

Political system in South Korea »

In South Korea, we have a cabinet system and a presidential system. But we are more focused on a presidential system.

Believe it or Not !? »

Have you seen the movie called “Skeleton Key”? It’s one of my favorite thriller movies that’s related to shamanism and superstition. Honestly, I don’t believe in superstitions all that much. However, many people (especially the old men and women) avoid things that are said to be “bad luck” out of superstition. Furthermore, there are lots […]

Annyong? Stranger : ) »

I’m Jason Oh from South Korea. I do have my Korean name Hyen-Bin Oh which is hard to pronounce!! I was a Freshmen in WU between 2008 and 2009 : ) But, I had to do military service in Korea for 2 years which is mandatory as a Korean man. (Not North!! South!! haha) I […]