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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye »

So, another year goes by and it’s time to pack up and set off to a new stage, a little uncertain as yet, but not for that reason any worse. I’ve always sucked at letting go of things. So, after some thinking about what to make of my last entry here, I’ve decided that I […]

The ‘In&Outs’ of fashion in Spain »

Fashion, I consider, is a very personal thing. Trendsetters and big name designers create the fashions we are supposed to live by but, sometimes, living up to the dictates of fashion can be a hard—sometimes even dangerous—thing. We cannot forget that the world is large enough that variety and diversity in fashion is something almost […]

Some food for thought and what not! »

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning with the memory of a flavor, something like a scent, tapping against the walls of my stomach as if wanting me to remember something else altogether by listening closely to the rhythms in that innermost tapping. At times, it is just the scent of coffee wafting from the kitchen […]

Christmas in Spain »

Christmas has never been something really big in my family.

Spain in 10 snapshots »

Are you one of those who, in reading our posts, often find their expectations shattered by the way in which strange bits of info never make it into our blog entries? Are you one of those who often give up and get bored with long pieces of reading that reveal too much information about just […]

España con Amigos »

Whenever I think of what it is that makes my life back home feel special and important to me, there is one image that immediately comes to my mind: that of me with friends and family spending some quality time together. Whether it be pouring as heavily as in the worst day of winter or […]

Going Green? »

When, for the most part, the world spins around the ideals of consumerism and capitalism, it is often hard to reconcile these motifs with an environmental awareness. In the case of Spain, and in the past few years, there has been an evident effort from governmental quarters to implement policies that may contribute to a […]

Torrente: El brazo tonto de la ley »

Icons aren’t always necessarily figures to revere and imitate. Indeed, it sometimes is the opposite. In 1998, Spanish actor and film director Santiago Segura released onto Spanish screens a film that he didn’t yet know would become one of the best-selling sagas of contemporary Spanish cinema: Torrente. This masterpiece of absurd comedy —which featured a […]

Hola Willamette! Boas tardes! »

My name is Alba de Béjar and I’m one of the the two Language Assistants of Spanish at Willamette this year. I’m at Willamette thanks to the Fulbright FLTA program that, every year, sponsors teaching assistants from different countries all over the world to come and share their culture and experiences with students in the […]

Real Madrid-Barcelona, the Spanish league classic game »

Jaime Mata Miguez Soccer is, by far, the most popular sport in Spain. In fact, it frequently named as ⌠el deporte rey■ that could be translated as ⌠the king of the sports■. Although the national team has only won one Euro cup and they have never performed astoundingly at the World cup (the highest position […]

Jaime Mata Miguez »

Immigrant-loaded boat reaches Spanish southern coast Nowadays, one of the main issues in Spain is immigration. Because of the precarious life conditions in some African regions, hundreds of immigrants try to cross the border every year to reach Spain. Some will try to get to other European countries, while others will stay in the Spanish […]

Jaime Mata Miguez »

Two presidents meet over issues of autonomy The Spanish territory is divided in seventeen zones called autonomous regions (⌠comunidades autonomas■) and two autonomous towns, Ceuta and Melilla which are situated on the North of Africa. The Spanish Constitution was approved by referendum on December 6th 1978 and is valid for the whole country, but each […]

Jaime Mata Miguez »

Hi, My name is Jaime Mata Miguez and I am from La Coruсa. This town is situated on North-west coast of Spain and has a population of roughly two-hundred fifty thousand. Since 1999 I have studied in Vigo, which is 160 kilometers far away from La Coruсa, quite close to the border of Portugal. My […]