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Sweden challenges EU plan to simplify divorce »

A new European Union proposal is aimed at changing divorce procedures so that a divorce can only take place in a country where the couple has “connecting factors”. Sweden claims that this proposal is going to be valid both inside and outside the EU and that, for instance, Iranian divorce laws can be applied by […]

“Serious” climate threat to Sweden »

A new government report has shown that Sweden is threatened by the serious climate changes in the future. Major lakes are going to flood more frequently and with severe consequences.

Women hit as unemployment fund charges soar »

The new Swedish government has set in and they have decided about some new reforms they think can help against the problem with unemployment in Sweden. The government has decided that the monthly charges for the unemployment funds, the A-kassa, are going to increase sharply.

The Swedish election »

A couple of weeks ago there was a governmental election in Sweden. There are elections every fourth year and the Social Democrat Party have been in power for a really long time and are always expected to win. But this election meant a change. The winners were a coalition with the Moderate party as the […]

Presentation of Josefin from Sweden »

I’m Josefin Thoresson and I’m from Linköping University in Sweden. I’m a politics major and I’m going to spend a semester here at Willamette. I’m 22 years old and this is my third year as a student (I’m old, I know, but we have a different education system in Sweden). I’m interested in international politics […]

Magdalena Eriksson »

Saddam Hussein applies for Exile in Sweden, Austria or Switzerland Ever wondered what happened to Saddam Hussein? First of all he intends to run in the next Iraqi introduction, till then he wants to Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. One of his lawyers explains that one doesn`t have to be guilty to plead for clemency and […]

Magdalena Eriksson »

Hi everyone, My name is magdalena eriksson, and i am a pretty friendly viking from the beautiful southern part of sweden. The reason i came to oregon was, besides the fact that willamette is a fun school, to be somewhat closer to my canadian boyfriend.