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Great Britain: A Post-Colonial Immigration Nation »

The UK’s history of immigration will forever be tarnished by our collective memory of colonialism’s oppressive tendencies and its innumerable atrocities. Due to this less than flattering element of our no-so-distant history I am sure many still view the United Kingdom as a fairly unwelcoming and ultimately intolerant society. If this short article does nothing [...]

Hello! »

My name is Adam Cotton and I’m one of the mini-colony of Brits who have landed upon these fine shores. I hope that doesn’t seem offensive or provocative but it is one of the many ways I have been characterised since arriving. As soon as I opened my mouth and my dull and sterile accent [...]

Best Experiences »

I think my favorite experiences while being in the US were on trips. I got to see whales which I wouldn’t normally have been able to see and I didn’t get really sea sick! I got to go stay with my roommate in Portland which was nice because she had such a lovely family and [...]

Squrriels here vs there »

The squirrels in Willamette seem to be well loved by everyone. They’re energetic and fun to watch as they chase each other around the trees. I’m always amazed how close they get to you. The squirrels back home are very different. They’re sort of lazy and much fatter!! Most British people don’t have the same [...]

Sports in the UK »

I have two favourite sports of the UK. One is rugby. It’s sort of like American football but they don’t use that much protection or have as many adverts. The rules are pretty much the same except I think there’s more fighting within rugby. People usually end up with broken noses and bloody faces. It’s [...]

Valentine’s Day came second best this week! »

I really miss being home this week!! Yes, the British celebrate Valentine’s Day with almost as much enthusiasm as you do in the States. But this Valentine’s was pushed aside. Most of my friends back home were saying ‘Who cares about Valentine’s Day on the 14th?? It’s PANCAKE DAY on the 16th!!! Pancake Day! Yes. [...]

Hello! »

Hello all,
My name’s Rosie and I’m from the UK. I live near Birmingham in England (almost dead center) but I spend almost half of the year in my university town of Aberystwyth in Wales. I know it’s a mouthful. All Welsh words are. Just remember that Y is pronounced as I. I’m here in Willamette [...]

More proposed changes to the British education system »

This article is about even more proposed changes to the British education system. If you’re completely unfamiliar with recent debates about the english education system, namely that it is easier for students to pass exams nowadays and that we don’t do as much work as previous generations.

Underage drinking in England »

Ok. So you may think that underage drinking is nothing new. It happens in hundreds of countries all the time! So whats the big deal? Well there is a huge binge drinking problem amongst people who are legally allowed to drink which is bad enough but when children as young as 12 are being admitted [...]

Bonfire Night »

Hey everyone, I have chosen to give you the address to a fun website all about Guy Fawkes, the treason plot and bonfire night. Every year in England on the 5th November people set off fireworks, make bonfires, sometimes burn effigies of Guy Fawkes, eat toffee apples (kind of like caramel apples but better and [...]

London Games »

Hey all! Ok so for this edition of the World News I have chosen to look at the London 2012 Olympics. The first link is a news report about the fear of terrorists targeting the games.

Manchester Bomb »

Hey everybody,
I’ve chosen the following article because I feel that the Manchester bomb was a major turning point in Manchester’s recent history. In my opinion it actually ended up doing the opposite of what the IRA intended, thankfully there were no casualties and it strengthened us as a city and greatly improved the city centre. [...]

Tori’s bio (Manchester, England) »

I’m Tori Bell, I’m 19 years old and I am from Manchester in England, which is in the North of the country, about 5 hours drive away from London. I will be at Willamette for one semester and I am coming to you from Keele University which is a farily small university and is relatively [...]

Tom Campbell »

Stamps honor Charles’ and Camilla’s wedding
Even though David Letterman gave that news a decisive “Who cares?”-shrug, Europe is caring a lot for everything that is related to the marriage between Prince Charles and his long-time companion Camilla Parker-Bowles. But more interesting than just the article are the reactions of readers that mirror how divided the [...]