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Dazzling white snow »

It was once a fantasy for me, a lady from a country with a humid subtropical climate, to see real dazzling white snow. But this dream is now realized to become a fantastic memory. When I first heard there would be a snowshoeing trip to Crater Lake National Park organized the Outdoor Program, I was […]

“Yum cha” ( 飲茶) »

“Yum cha” ( 飲茶) is a Chinese tradition that literally means “drink tea.” It is originally a Cantonese cuisine. With this tradition, you have small servings of dim sum in the teahouses, while also sipping Chinese tea. In fact, dim sum consists of a large range of Chinese dumplings and other goodies.

Breaking News: The Special Relationship is one-sided »

So it turns out Bush ignores Blair. Pretty shocking stuff.

What the British think of Bush… »

Although the US is Britain’s closest ally it is clear that the vast majority of Britons are unhappy with the special relationship. Indeed Prime Minister Tony Blair has alienated a huge number of voters as a result of his support for President Bush, and in particular, his decision to commit British troops to Iraq.

Press Freedom in China »

From the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s English language newspaper, here is an article on press freedom in China which is itself an example of how much Hong Kong differs from the mainland. It also illustrates the Chinese government’s control over the presentation of history, as well as the media.

Mau Mau veterans to sue Britain over torture and illegal killings in Kenya »

There is very little discussion in the UK about Britain’s colonial past. Every so often, a story like this will emerge which highlights how much remains unresolved and how disinterested the UK is in even acknowledging its responsibility. The British High Commission’s grounds for defence reveals a great deal about the British Government’s attitude towards […]

Ella (UK, Hong Kong) »

My name is Ella and I’ll be your friendly UK/HK correspondent type-thing for a WHOLE semester. How exciting! I lived the first half of my life in the bustling city of Hong Kong (Chinese for, ironically enough, “fragrant harbour” – that’s with a u, people) and moved to Cambridge, the finest university town in all […]