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Popular Culture in Ukraine »

Hello everybody! My name is Yulya and I am from Crimea, Ukraine. It just happens that I live in the part of Ukraine which used to belong to Russia and there are ports of the Russian navy there; as a result there are a lot of Russian citizens there. And the irony is… I live […]

Introduction »

Privet! Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Konnnichiwa! My name is Katryne, you may call me Kate, but in Ukraine it is Katya. I am 18 years old. I am from the Ukraine,peninsula Crimea, Simferopol. I study in the National Tavrida University at department of law as a junior. NTU is the most prestigious University in the Crimea. […]

Ukrainian president willing to freeze order that sparked political crisis »

During the last two weeks there have been a lot to see and to speak about in Ukraine. My country again faced another political crisis and here are some news about it. “President Viktor Yushchenko is willing to freeze his order to dissolve parliament, a chief aide said Wednesday, in what appeared to be a […]

The Russian Fleet is being forced out from Crimea again »

In October 1991, when the Soviet Union broke apart, the Supreme Court of Ukraine made a decision that the Chernomor Fleet would belong to Ukraine. On April 5 1992 the president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, signed an edict, according to which the fleet turned out to be under the administration of a Ministry of Defense. […]

Привет из Крыма! Greetings from the Crimea! »

Hello. My name is Piotr and I am from the Crimea. It is the most beautiful place of the southern part of Ukraine. My native town is Simferopol. It is the capital of Crimean Autonomous Republic. Simferopol is a small town like Salem and by the way our cities are sister cities. I would like […]

Ukraine finally has a new government and the majority in the Parliament! It took us 4 months… »

After four long months of negotiations, uncertainties and coups de theatre, Ukraine has formed a new government and a majority in the Parliament. What are the lessons to be learned from these events?

News selection from Ukraine »

Hello! The word “news” itself seems to be very political, at least for me and, I believe, for many Ukrainians as well. Two years ago we had presidental elections (3 rounds!) and Orange Revolution. And in spring 2006 we had parliamentary elections. There are still a lot of arguments about how the country should be […]

Natalia’s introduction (Ukraine) »

Hello! My name is Natalia, but you can call me Natasha or Nataly, whatever makes you happy! The matter is, back home it’s the same. Natalia is more official, though parents and friends prefer calling me Natasha. I’m from Ukraine. And, what is more important, I’m from Crimea, which happens to be the best peninsula […]

Ukrainian news source »

Olena O Grebennikova Hi, it▓s time to write something for World News. A lot has happened in Ukraine since I left it. But indeed, noting unusual or special has happened. Ukraine keeps defending its reputation as an independent and mature state. In order to do so, it is working towards membership in NATO and trying […]

Olena O Grebennikova »

Hi! My name is Lena. I▓m an exchange student from Ukraine. I live in the most picturesque and beautiful part of Ukraine, Crimea, which is situated in the south of the country. Crimea is a peninsula on the Black Sea. People have lived there since ancient times, even when they had to live in caves. […]

A Land of Rare Smiles »

Zhana Gres Do Russian people ever smile? This question might be asked a lot. Definitely, Russians know how to smile, however, it is not done on the regular basis. It is unusual to encounter Russians smiling to a stranger. They just don’t do it, for whatever reasons they have. If they don’t know you, they […]

Dasha Karpenko »

Famous Boxer Klitschko Retires From Ring Ukrainian sport is proud of few people: boxing brothers Klitchko, Olympic swimmer Yana Klotchkova and world-record holding pole vaulting guy Serhij Bubka. Well, now one of the boxing brothers is leaving the sport, which is sad. Ukraine to withdraw majority of troops from Iraq Withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from […]

Dasha Karpenko »

Ukrainian press and free speech Freedom of speech is base of democracy. But not every country is born with this notion like America. Right now Ukraine challenges the concepts of democracy by establishing the norms of free speech. Belarus cracks down on opposition Even people who know about Orange Revolution in Ukraine sometimes do not […]

Dasha Karpenko »

Hey! The daughter of a former Prime Minister of Ukraine has wedded a british heavy metal star. I don’t think Bush’s kid would do that!