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¡Música, Maestro! »

“Without music, life would be a mistake”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
When one thinks about different cultures of the world, music is one of the first things that comes to mind as a central component of life. Music tells a lot about the soul of a people.
In this week’s issue, it is our pleasure to introduce you to [...]

Welcome back! »

We hope you all had a restful vacation! Now we’re back in full swing, and we are pleased to bring you an international education! Seriously, though, this edition is all about the “la maternelle” infant schools in France; the differences between the Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium educations; and the chain of educational development in Argentina. [...]

I hear bells a-ringing… wedding bells that is! »

In honor of the upcoming holiday festivities we have decided to bring you an issue on… weddings? That’s right weddings!
Learn about the running groom in China, the role of coca leaves in Bolivian Quechua weddings, what “Despedida de Soltero/a” means in Argentina, what Shinto ceremonies consist of in Japan, and more!
WWN Editors
Matt, Jaime, Lars, Mary

WWN, Dear Readers! »

Hello again,

It seems to be time for a new issue! This time, we’re discussing the idea of “remembrance.”
Whether for the living or dead, the idea of honoring and remembering family and friends is a key aspect of many cultures.
Take a moment to learn about how each of our contributors view remembrance, and let us know [...]

Fellow WWN readers… »

This is a monumental moment in our blog’s history. It is a time that will determine the course of future blog posts to come and…wait, it’s just an issue about politics?
With the election only a few weeks away, many of us are focused on the U.S. presidential race,
so for this issue, we’ve asked our [...]

Bolivia Politics »

Bolivia is one of the richest countries in natural resources and cultural diversity in the world; between its ecological segments or stages there are a variety of flora, fauna, minerals, oil, natural gas, gold, lithium, precious stones, etc, but unfortunately Bolivia is the poorest countries in the Americas in human resources.

Willamette World News is Back! »

Hello dear readers!
2012 marks the ninth year of the Willamette World News (WWN) blog, a bi-weekly online publication that offers international perspectives on topics relevant throughout the world.  Each issue addresses a specific theme, ranging from Valentine traditions to how the Green Movement is playing out in different countries.  You can check out an article [...]

Bittersweet Goodbyes »

As the year is coming to a close, we have asked our contributors to share their final thoughts with us. Read about their reflections on their year here at Willamette- cultural surprises, best memories and thank you’s.
The WWN staff and the Willamette campus have greatly appreciated all of the wonderful insights and stories that our [...]

International Fashion »

As you head into Spring Break some of you may have travel plans – wherein you may notice different fashions trends. Before you leave, take a look at this latest issue of the Willamette World News- read about trends in Germany, the season-less style in Colombia, fashion in China and more!
Happy Spring Break!
WWN Editors,
Nina, Mirella [...]

Kleider machen Leute?! »

In German we have the proverb “Kleider machen Leute” (“Clothes make the man”). Of course this statement can be argued, but definitely the clothes and the personal fashion style a person has, is a statement about him or herself. Just as everywhere else, in Germany factors like age, job and personal taste also determine the [...]

We’ll be there »

Fashion, I think, is a BIG word for me, or for the whole world. Everything would be fashionable, not just people, beautiful clothes, impressive make-up, in China maybe the old people like my parents starting to learn how to use computers is also a kind of fashion. But actually some of the people get lost on the [...]

The ‘In&Outs’ of fashion in Spain »

Fashion, I consider, is a very personal thing. Trendsetters and big name designers create the fashions we are supposed to live by but, sometimes, living up to the dictates of fashion can be a hard—sometimes even dangerous—thing. We cannot forget that the world is large enough that variety and diversity in fashion is something almost [...]

Egyptian Fashion and Modesty »

Salaam Willamette!
What I love about Egyptian fashion is the ability to dress beautifully and modestly at the same time.
Many women wear hijab (a veil to cover their hair and neck), but are not restricted to the black attire often depicted by the media. In Upper Egypt, villagers wear colorful galabeyyas, which are long gowns. Bedouins [...]

Flavors from around the world! »

“You are what you eat” says the age-old saying. In this issue of the Willamette World News we bring the meaning of this saying closer to home with dishes from around the world! Entrées from Germany, Colombia, and China, accompanied with Japanese UME treats, sweets from Spain, and dessert à la France! Alongside these dishes we are introducing [...]