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My Christmas in the US »

I’ve decided to have a picture-based story of my winter in America – sometimes, it captures the magic of a moment more clearly than words. So here are random images of Salem and Washington DC last month (December 11th-20th), followed by a few words about my stay in Boston (December 20th-21st) and Philadelphia (December 22nd-January […]

The first winter away from China »

Hi, all!!! How was your break? I just want to say that mine was Great~!!! After this trip, I fell in love with another city–San Francisco!!! Here I’m gonna show you some of my pictures of California, if you want me to say something about this trip, it need a lot of words…..

4 productive weeks »

December 14, noon, I’m done with my last final, and starting a 4-week long break. A month! That’s long, I thought, when I saw the academic calendar at the beginning of the semester. In my home country, France, most universities, as well as lower education schools, have a 2-week-long Christmas break. It is long enough to include both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but short enough so that your work rhythm isn’t broken by a month of nothingness (in terms of studying). In some institutions, such as Blaise Pascal University, where I spent my first year of college, they spoil everything by putting the finals after the break. So you spend your pseudo-vacations studying. In others, they are considerate enough to have the finals before.

Christmas in Spain »

Christmas has never been something really big in my family.

Last Issue of 2011! »

Greetings from the World News Editors! We’re getting ready to wrap up the year, here’s your chance to read up on 10 things you probably didn’t know about different countries abroad! Check out some random facts about France, Colombia, China, Japan, Germany, and Spain!

Social Lives »

Ever wondered about social life in other countries? This time we asked our contributors to write about the differences in social life in their countries. Read on to learn about customs regarding eating meals, family life, student life and more in Germany, Spain, Colombia, Japan, France, and China.

It’s Not That Easy Going Green »

Last week marked a historic occasion in human history as we saw our global population rise to over 7 billion people. This event sparked discussion about human achievements that have brought about this change, and also about issues that are bound to get worse due to the resources required to sustain such a large number […]

The Trend to Go Green »

The German political party that has its main interest in environmental policy is called „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen“. The central idea of their policy is ecological, economical and social sustainability. The party „Die Grünen“  was founded in the 1980s and has its origins in the anti-nuclear power, ecology, peace and women’s movement of the 1970s. In 1993 […]

National Icons »

We all know national icons of the United States, they even transcend time- Abe Lincoln, Bob Marley, Audrey Hepburn or Lady Gaga. But have you heard of Juanes? Or Marriane? Ever thought of the cultural icons of other countries around the world? Read about the controversial, the endearing, the political, the beautiful. Here’s your opportunity […]

Welcome back! »

Hello WWN readers! The Willamette World News is an online publication written exclusively by international students studying and working here on campus. Each issue centers around a specific theme to bring worldwide perspective. Check out the Willamette “Highlights” article written about the WWN! http://willamette.edu/news/library/2010/11/willamette_world_news.html All of us here at the LLC are really excited to […]

2010-2011: Memories and Goodbyes »

As this school year comes to a close, our contributors are going to be returning to their home countries soon. Before their final goodbye, we have asked them to share memorable moments of their time here at Willamette. Read on and you will find friendships made, surprises and bittersweet goodbyes. Enjoy and have a good […]

…and now you’re a Word Sleuth! »

We’ve asked out contributors to dig deep into their native language and let us know about some of the most interesting aspects of their slang and changing expressions. Here at the Language Learning Center, we’re taking this opportunity to tell you about our personal favorite tool, WordChamp! WordChamp is an online tool that allows you […]

Hungry? Dig in! »

As spring slowly but surely arrives on campus, students are beginning to wake up from winter hibernation, and they are HUNGRY! Well, luckily for you we’ve got just the thing to satisfy your appetite. This issue is all about food. Discover unknown German cuisine, the diversity of crock pot cooking in Japan and more! Some […]

Welcome 2011 World News readers, old and new! »

Join us in learning a little about 2010’s diverse events from our contributors! Sometimes it’s hard to remember, in our little lives here at Willamette, that life goes on beyond these oceans, so here’s a little bit from our readers to provide us with “A Year in Retrospect.” There’s information about Australia’s disastrous floods, Germany’s […]

Popular Cultures of the World »

For this one, we recommend a cozy place to relax and a nice cup of hot chocolate! You’re invited to learn about German nationalism as traced through the development of music, Argentina’s pride in abundant literature, and Shakespeare’s French foe, Molière! From an insider’s point of view, we’re privileged to explore various aspects of popular […]

Politics abroad…and some more introductions! »

As we reflect on recent election outcomes and local political lore, our World News contributors have agreed to show us a little perspective by describing their own country’s political systems, past turmoil or current developments. Learn about Argentina’s fascinating political history, Australia’s current views on the female Prime Minister and more. We’d also like to […]

Superstitions, Fears and Scary Stories »

In the spirit of Halloween, shorter days, and falling leaves, we’ve asked our contributors to share superstitions, fears, and scary stories from their home countries. In this issue of the Willamette World News, we learn about supernatural beings around the world, precautions you might want to take to prevent bad luck, our contributors’ expectations for […]

And now introducing… »

Hello to Willamette and the World! We’d like to introduce our newest Willamette World News contributors! In this issue, our contributors from all over the world will tell you about themselves, their home and their initial impressions of living in the U.S. Happy reading! The Willamette World News Editors Jan, Jessa, Lars and Mirella

So many impressive experiences! »

As our adieu for World News 2009-2010, we’ve asked our writers to recall their most interesting experiences during their time in the U.S. As they either elaborate on their best, or most awkward experience, their retrospective final blogs allow us to see our country through a different light. We hope you have enjoyed reading as […]

Celebrating Biodiversity! »

Hello Readers! It’s official. The UN has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity! It’s a time to recognize the importance of the earth’s diversity and recognize our role in the survival of the earth’s species. We’ve invited our Willamette World News contributors to share about the flora and fauna of their own country as […]

Food! Comida! Еда! Nourriture! »

Hello WWN readers! As food is our theme for this issue, our writers discuss their favorite foods and yummy dishes from their homeland! They have also kindly provided us with detailed recipes along with beautiful photos of some of the scrumptious traditional dishes. We hope this insightful issue will allow you to learn more about […]

National Sports »

Most people in the world watch some kind of sport. It might be horse racing, football or skateboarding but it is usually something that strikes our interest. Now that the Vancouver Olympic games have come to an end, we can start looking forward to the summer sports that will be starting soon. So go ahead […]

Valentine’s Day Around the World »

Hello Friends! Valentine’s Day has come and gone…. and in this issue our contributors share what celebrations of love look like in their country. In this issue, you will learn about Swedish Valentine’s candy and German pigs. You’ll get a peak at what it might be like to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the summer in […]

Travels during Winter break! »

Hello World News readers! We’re kicking off our hopefully sunny spring semester with our first issue of: travels undertaken by our World News writers during their Winter breaks. We would also like to welcome two new contributors this spring semester: Wing Sze from Hong Kong and Rosie from Wales. We hope you’ll enjoy the experiences […]

Happy Holidays! »

We want to thank everyone for writing this semester for the Willamette World News Blog. There have been so many great issues and hopefully we all learned something new about another country in the process. Being the last issue this semester, we decided that everyone could choose their own subject. There are so many things […]