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Vietnamese Phở and bánh gối ( Pillow-shaped cake) »

If you happen to cross Pearl District, Portland, let’s stop by a restaurant name Pho hung. I bet you will like it from the first taste: http://www.pho-hung.com/ Phở is a Vietnamese national food which is vẻry popular and can be found almost everywhere in Vietnam. It has become the pride of the country. Phở (Vietnamese […]

Valentine’s day and Vietnamese Lunar New year. »

Hello everyone, Greetings from Vietnam! The theme for this week is Valentine’s day, a day for lovers and couples. However in my country, this is not officially a holiday. The tradition has just been setting its footprint in young people’s mind recently, for about a decade. Still, Vietnamese couples welcome this day much like in […]

X-mas in San Francisco and Seattle »

Hello again, I’m Minh coming from Vietnam. So far I have been in the States for half a year, wow! Time flies so fast, especially when you are always loaded with tons of assignments. I hope to hear that you guys had enjoyed your vacations as much as I did. 😛 This past X-mas I […]

Mid-fall festival in Vietnam »

In the U.S there are quite a few holidays such as Thanksgiving, ­Xmas, labor day…..in Vietnam actually we don’t have that many long days-off holidays/vacations. But one of the longest festivals that youngsters and children wait for after their summers is mid-fall festival, which is held on 15 of August in moon calendar.

Xin chao Willamette »

I’m Minh coming from Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been abroad this long. I’m so excited about my 2 years of MBA in Atkinson graduate school – where I will gain not only knowledge but exposure to the multi-cultures which each of you represent.

Vietnam »

I found some interesting Youtube links about Vietnam here. The first one is an introduction of “Pho” – a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine – from Anthony Bourdain. For those of you don’t know about Anthony, he’s known for eating pretty much EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on Travel Channel. He also claims that the most disgusting thing […]

Interesting (or Not?) YouTube Links »

Quynh Anh is a Vietnamese girl but growing up in Belgium. She speaks little Vietnamese and thinks “more like a Belgian”. This beautiful song is her way to express her curiousity about her origin

Political Situation in Vietnam – From a Viet point of view »

Growing up in a communist state, I really didn’t care that much about politics. (No! They didn’t brainwash me. I was just not that into it). However, since I came to the states, I became more and more interested in the subject. (It’s kind of hard to ignore politics with all the stuff the media […]

A Viet Love Story 4 Valentine’s Day »

Vietnamese celebrate Valentine’s Day pretty much just like Americans: cholocates, roses …and all the boring stuff 🙂 So I decided not to bore you guys with another “How we celebrate Valentine’s Day in Vietnam” post.

The little country named Vietnam and its holiday »

The little country named Vietnam: Most people in the US know Vietnam from a war that happened more than 30 years ago. Well, I’m happy to tell you that things look very different now.