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Teenage Pregnancy in Japan »

Teenage pregnancy rate in Japan is 4%! Surprisingly, Japan has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the world according to unicef. Before I looked it up, I thought it must be higher that it is because I think sex education in Japan is not enough.The only time when I got sex education was at schools which are elementary school, middle school and high school. But the teachers did not teach enough information that we should have learned at those times.
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Sex in Russia »

Privet, friends!

So, normally I try to bring a personal connection into my WWN articles, but I doubt that when you scrolled to this entry today, you were intent on hearing details of my sex life ;) . Instead, let’s look into Russian views of sex and sexuality as they exist today.

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Adolescent Pregnancy in Colombia: A Public Health Issue »

My house in Medellín is located right next to the hospital in which all the pregnant women who have access to the social health program – which is basically focused on providing health benefits to the people with less economic resources in the country – go in order to receive antenatal, childbirth and postnatal care. What has always called my attention is the enormous amount of young faces that I used to see every day go inside the hospital. Read the rest

C’est la vie! »

French are very relaxed when it comes to talk about sex.

I don’t mean that we like to exhibit our personal experience, simply that generally, this subject is not taboo.

Just look at the recent revelations concerning Francois Hollande, the French president, who had an affair with an actress, cheating on his long-term partner. 77% of the French think that it is his own problem, and some even said that it made him more human. Admittedly, it was a scandal, but, “c’est la vie!” (this is the life!) as I read many time on blogs. Sex is just…normal. Read the rest

Ecuador: con las marcas del catolicismo »

Giggling nervously over films where naked people are shown is common in high school classrooms in Ecuador, as well as in some college level classrooms. Ecuador is a Catholic country as a result of the Spanish tradition. From colonial times up until Ecuador became a republic, Catholic religion was imposed as the only and true religion. In fact, the clergy  controlled  education in the country throughout the 19th Century. It wasn´t until the beginning of the XX Century, after the Liberal Revolution in 1895,  that Church and State separated. Read the rest

Piropos »

Ten years ago while I was still living in Bolivia, my friends and me we used to meet every Saturday at the main plaza of Cochabamba city. The main plaza is located at the heart of the city. Around the plaza there are many shops, restaurants with beer gardens, ice cream stores, pizza places, music stores, etc. This place is vibrant and lively (in general the whole city is) all year-round.
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I think I can say some about sex in China… »

What’s up y’all!

I was looking forward to this topic for a while because it’s always funny to see how people react to sex.

First thing I want to say is that sex is talked about nowadays in China, at least among young people. I never get it why people of the same age of my parents or in the past wouldn’t talk about sex. It’s not that sex has nothing to do with them but it was just defined as ‘untouchable’ somehow. Fortunately, I never had this situation of not being not allowed to talk about sex. And yes, it’s even joked about among friends. Just never do that with adults like parents. Read the rest

Global Grooves »

Welcome back dear Willamette community! We wanted to celebrate the start off this new semester and our tenth anniversary by showing you our best moves! Thus, we present to you a variety of wonderful stories about dance from all over the world!

Dance is an expression of history and culture, and many people at Willamette are taking dance classes. Therefore, we were inspired to ask Professor Jessica Fouts for this issue’s topic. The question she posed: “What types of dance are typically performed in your country and how have they evolved over they years?”

As you go through these articles written by our contributors, you will discover all kinds of movement, from the plie to the polka. In addition, a lot of cool videos have been added to demonstrate to you how the world moves! So bust a move, get your groove on, and check it out!

From your WWN editors,

Giuliana, Hailee, & Paul

¡Vamos a bailar! »

Although it is a common stereotype to assume that all Latin Americans dance, it is true that music and dance play a significant role in Latin American culture. Starting with Salsa, probably one of the best known Latin American dances around the world, there is a significant variety such as Tango, Cumbia,Vallenato, Merengue, Mambo, Danzón, Bachata, Samba, Mapalé. Many of these dances first appeared in coastal regions in Latin America. Even though Latin America is a region and not one country, like Simón Bolivar wanted it to be, music and dance are definitely a unifying characteristic among Latin American people. Read the rest

Entrez dans la danse! »

If I am asked about dance in France, I feel like I have to talk about it on a regional scale. France is a small country, but it is composed of regions that vary a lot from one to another. Each has its own culture, dishes, traditional clothes, architecture, but also its very own dances, music and celebrations. This cultural wealth is a legacy that has been transmitted from one generation to another over centuries. Read the rest

Dancing My Way Across the Globe »


Rosinka reporting from the other side of the globe (India)! No seriously, the time difference is 13,5 hours so it’s literally the other side.

Anyways. Life here is hectic and finding time for extra writing is quite challenging, but I’m glad I was offered this chance to continue sharing some of my experiences with you.
So then, let’s proceed! Read the rest

Dance Dance Baby! [We all love Seahawks:)] »

First of all, happy super bowl weekend!

Hope you all had a good time, Seahawks fans!

Here’s a set of videos illustrating my perspertive on music from my region of the world! Read the rest

Dance In Japan! »

Hi all,

How have you been? I hope you all are doing well.What do you have an image of dance we who are Japanese dance? We have any type of dances like Bon dance, fisherman’s dance, and traditional . Today I would like to tell you about Japanese traditional dance and how young generations dance.

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Carnival Dancing »

For me, dancing has been in my life ever since I can remember. When I was five I started dancing in a German Carnival Club. Starting on November 11th every year, people in some areas of Germany celebrate Carnival. In German we call it Karneval, Fastnacht, or Fasching, and it celebrates the time before lent. There are several Carnival Clubs in my area, also in the 900 people village I grew up in. A Carnival Club in my area usually consists of several dance groups, a prince and princess, and other representative figures. Read the rest