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Japanese Arts »

Hi All! This topic is art.Art is not a part of my life. I have not learned Japanese art in school. So I just know a few of the Japanese arts. But I want to tell you that Japanese arts are interesting and beautiful. I am telling you about Japanese traditional art like Ukiyoe, Karesansui and Kado. I think some of you know or have heard to Katsushita Hokusai, who is the most famous Ukiyoe painter because he was selected by Life Magazine as one of the most

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Art Made in Austria »

Gustav Klimt, a well-known symbolist painter, once said, “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Perhaps most of you are familiar with his most popular painting “The Kiss,” but did you also know that he was born in Austria?In this article,I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite Austrian artists and their work.I’m not very knowledgeable in the arts or art history because art has never been an important part of my education

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Art Promotion in Colombia through Non-Governmental Entities »

Art has always been presented as an essential element in the development and evolution of man. It is through art that any selfless vision is able to be expressed using resources that can be plastic, sound, or linguistic. It is well known that the study of fine arts from an early age helps man to cultivate a sensitivity that leads him to develop very strong ethics during adulthood.In Colombia, it was not until the XIX century that art education was

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Art and Art History in the Educational System in Finland »

I cannot say that I remember a lot from the art classes throughout my education. I know that I have done a lot of paintings in school, that I learned a few different techniques, and that my teacher in art in lower secondary was a very facinating person. For me art was always one of the subjects where you were allowed to relax a little bit, talk to your friend, and do something creative. I cannot remember learning about art history at all, but I guess I did since
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In the Palaces of Russia »

Having grown up in U.S, I’ve seen Russia only as a tourist.Every other year or so, my family has traveled to St. Petersburg, where most of our family lives. Frankly, it’s my favorite city in the world (but don’t tell the other cities that). The “Venice of the North,” as it is sometimes called, holds so many cultural and architectural treasures. Museums, palaces, operas! The city’s history has a lot of European influence, and so the architectural style is very

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¿El Arte en Ecuador? ¡Toda un Historia! »

Usually when I tell people what I study, I get a similar reaction: wide eyes and inquisitive eyebrows. I study Art History. Art History? What´s that about? How does that work after you graduate? What types of jobs can you get with a degree on Art History? These are the types of questions I usually get from people back in my home university in Ecuador. Although I go to the only Liberal Arts university in Ecuador, not many people know much about Art History.  Read the rest

Bits and Pieces of Art Education Systems in Russia and Finland. »

Art education is both a fun and a very frustrating topic. First, because there is such a huge amount of stories I could tell; second, because there is no simple or cohesive way for me to relate my experience.Like my life in general, my art education has been a patchwork of experiences and encounters. As a child, living in Saint Petersburg, Russia, art history and “culture” were a part of my everyday life. Moving around and about the city, I would learn the names and

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L’Art et la Manière »

Poussin, Fragonard, David, Delacroix, Géricault, Courbet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Rodin,… So many French artists who made France famous for Art, and Paris the capital of it. But this huge heritage was sadly not as represented as it should in French pre-collegiate education system as I went through it.In middle school Art History was pretty much absent of the school curricula. On the other hand, Art classes were common as we all had one hour of “Art plastiques” per week in

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Art in China, the Country of China! »

Hello, dear friends! This is Lyu, and I hope you all are having a great time out there!I’m really excited to see what art is like in everyone’s home country! As you know, the name of my country, China, is the same as the name of “china”. Decorated china used to be the symbol of my country, so it’s not hard to see how art is important to China.People’s passion about art is everywhere in daily life, from the house we live in and the clothes we wear, to tea pots.

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The Goal of Art Education in Bolivian Schools »

The principal goal to introduce art in Bolivian education system was to cultivate student’s mind and spirit and provide them with emotional outlets and means of self expression.Since kindergarten through college students have been introduced to a range of traditional and innovative forms of visual art, craft, paint, classical and popular music, folk art and dances, drama, poetry, literature, film, sculpture, crafts, singing, photography, digital arts, and media.

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Who Gives A Flying (F)Art? »

In my pursuit of an education and (eventual) career in the history of art I’ve often met people who laugh it off as some kind of illegitimate discipline, the love-child of macho history and a woman with Titian hair and a cubist figure. They don’t know why they

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The Role of Art and Art History »

Before I can elaborate on how dominant the role of Art and its history is in Germany, I should point out that theeducational system varies from state to state. Even between different schools or teachers within one state or school there can be a big difference in teaching Art History. Therefore, I can only give you a rather subjective point of view on this topic.From first grade on, I always had Art classes. At first they were only focused on practical works of course, but the theoretical part started playing a

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The Willamette World News is Back! »


Ladies and gentlemen, the time you’ve been breathlessly awaiting has come! The Language Learning Center is proud to present…. (drumroll please)

The 10th anniversary publications of the Willamette World News!!!

The WWN is a blog written by Willamette international students, eager to share their stories from home and the differences they’ve been experiencing since entering the U.S.

We are proud to bring you 13 life experiences, sustainable, local, fresh, and diverse posts from around the world, and they’re all 100% Willamette! All throughout the year, you will have the chance to learn more about the international students in our own community and their views on a variety of social, cultural, and other topics.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you this year’s contributors. They are bringing their own perspectives and personal experiences to campus, influenced by their backgrounds as well as their journeys to WU. They are eager to share with you how they engage with new challenges!

In learning more about them, you might also learn more about yourself and your own culture, while opening your mind to the incredible patchwork of our interconnected world. Finally, we hope our contributors may spark some ideas in your mind, and encourage the growing aspiration you may have to study or travel abroad!

So, dear readers, enjoy!

Sincerely your WWN editors,

Giuliana Alfinito, Jaime Venegas, Paul Romain

-Language Learning Center in the World Languages Studio

Monolingualism can be cured

Hello from China! »

Welcome To My Hood(Remix)

Greetings folks!

It is my great pleasure to write for the Willamette World News and work with our outstanding editors. My name is Lyu Boyuan and I’m a freshman here at Willamette. I was born and raised in Beijing. College has been so busy as far as I can tell. I have many hobbies including, sports, photography, and cycling. So generally I’m enjoying Willamette and Salem. Hopefully everyone finds life amazing in his own way!

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