A couple years ago The Happy Planet Index, a project of the New Economics Foundation, ranked Colombia as the 2nd happiest place for the planet. Even though this Index does not actually reveal the ‘happiest’ country in the world, it does focus on the life expectancy and the ecological footprint of the inhabitants, among other aspects related to quality of life and natural resources of each nation.

The curious thing about these results was how the news presented them and the reaction from people, who being misinformed about the actual purpose of the survey, started wondering: But… Colombia? How come? How can we take seriously a survey which says this is the second happiest country on the planet?!

Well, for those who were wondering, yes, Colombians are among the happiest people on earth (according not to this, but to other several surveys), and from our own perspective it should not be that hard to believe it, not at all.

Let’s see. Colombia is big, hot and cold, rainy and dry. We have two seas, peaks, deserts, and all possible climates any time of the year.

We have colors everywhere, flavors, theater, music, and sports. We have an improving education system, an increasingly strong legal body, and a refreshed and every day more critical political thought.

Our culture is also rich and varied. On every corner of the country, we can find enormous differences among people. We have over 70 different living languages and even though Spanish is spoken all across the country, dialects incredibly differ from each other.

A fair, a pageant, or a celebration can be found every time of the year somewhere in the national territory! And they are not just about drinking and music. Culture is a very common honor guest as well.

Plenty of Colombians are good, and just a minority of people is bad. So, why would not I trust this survey? Every time I go down the streets of a big city or a small town, whether it is in the urban areas or not, people are smiling. There is someone who will always want to say hi. There will always be a person willing to give a seat to an old man. There will be someone willing to give directions to those who may need them.

We do not just have good coffee, bananas and flowers. We have nice people everywhere around.

Would you consider going there some time? You would be more than welcome!