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Twinsies Cupcakes

Near the corner of High and State Streets, there is a magical place called Twinsies, a combination cupcake bakery and coffee shop.  Only open since March of this year, the new business joins the national cupcake craze as one of many new cupcake bakeries opening all across the country.  However, this bakery stands out from the crowd with its exceptional cupcakes.  The store is open Monday-Friday from nine in the morning until seven at night, and Saturdays from ten thirty until seven.  Cupcakes are available in boxes of one, two, four, six, or a full dozen.  In my humble opinion, the cupcakes at this store are absolutely delicious.

The shop is run by two lovely ladies named Becky and Condessa.  Condessa is Becky’s mother in law, but they seem to get along well as business partners.  The banter and conversations between the two are quick, witty, and entertaining, with Condessa always touting the new flavors they have prepared for that day.  The fun character of the store reflects their larger than life personalities and interactions.  Like the friendly owners, the store’s atmosphere emanates warmth and friendliness, from the hand painted signs to the old school soda fountain tables.

Twinsies usually offers about eight different flavors, all composed of a magical stack of quality cake, frosting, and sometimes filling.  The classic chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet are normally in stock; however the display case is also full of unusual and delicious flavors, everything from Oreo to virgin margarita to maple bar cupcakes.  Becky and Condessa like to boast that their cupcakes have about twice the normal filling than other cupcake bakeries, and also brag about the dense and moist texture of their cupcakes.  Both claims are absolutely true.  For example, let me describe my favorite flavor: the lemonade cupcake.  From the first bite of this cupcake, the scent of lemon zest emanates from every delicious part, coming from both the sweet and buttery frosting and the moist, tender cake.  By the second bite, an explosion of fresh lemon curd enters the scene, mingling and strengthening the lemon taste, and adding an element of smooth, creamy texture.  To shorten this description to two words: simply delicious.

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By Brenna Smelt, 10/20/12

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