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Week Two!

Posted by: anave | September 25, 2007 Comments Off on Week Two! |

Welcome back to the language blog! Today I’ll be going over how you can send/receive Chinese using Willamette webmail, and also the basics on Skype and Mixxer.

When using webmail, it seems that most Chinese you send or receive will be changed into squares and symbols. This is really easy to fix, but can be dangerous if you’re just starting out, because it will change all the text into Chinese (eg. The inbox link is turned into 收件箱). Just make sure to memorize where the links you need are… The process is pretty straightforward, just
1. log into your webmail
2. go to options
3. go to display preferences
4. change the language to Chinese Simp or Chinese Trad
To change it back, just go back and change the language to English
Skype is an online calling program, think instant messenger but with voice communication rather than text. It’s easy to get started, and is free to use as long as you call other people with Skype. You might be wondering why I’m introducing this program on a language blog, but Skype can be a great language tool. The easiest way to do so is through a program called Mixxer. Mixxer is created by Dickinson College, and is a wonderful tool for finding someone to help you learn Chinese (or any other language) by registering and searching for language partners, you can find someone who speaks Chinese, and wishes to learn English or help someone in learning Chinese. Not everyone you meet through Mixxer might be helpful, but this can be a very useful tool in practicing your language with a native speaker. (Just make sure they speak Mandarin first!)
That’s all for this week, Drop in again next week for more!

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