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Week Three!

Posted by: anave | October 2, 2007 Comments Off on Week Three! |

Welcome back! This week we will go over the Satellite TV we have in the LLC and the World News blog.

Smullin and Walton both have Satellite TV, so any classroom with a VCR and TV can receive the language channels we subscribe to. You can also watch this from the computers in the LLC lab, just click on the “PCTV vision” icon (top left, 3rd icon down) We’ve been putting posters up with the channels available, you guys will probably be interested in channel 44, the Chinese channel. The computers in the lab don’t have speakers, so just ask the staff member on duty and they’ll be happy to hook you up with some headphones.
The TV is programming straight from China, so it might be a bit difficult to understand (especially the news segments). By looking at the programming, (available from the “media” tab under the Chinese portion of the LLC site) you can find out what programs would be fun to watch.
World News for this year was just recently updated, so I’ll introduce it here. It’s a blog written by some of the exchange students here at Willamette. They discuss what it means to them to be an exchange student, as well as their experiences and thoughts about America. Although it’s not going to help you learn the Chinese language, it is still a great resource for learning about foreign cultures and offers a first-person perspective of being an exchange student. Plus, you can leave comments and get to know the exchange students here.
I didn’t introduce any direct learning tools this week, but these wonderful resources are great for improving your understanding of what it is to learn a language and culture. See you all next week!

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