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6th Chinese blog!

Posted by: anave | October 24, 2007 Comments Off on 6th Chinese blog! |

你们好!希望你们上个周末是很好的。This week in the Chinese Language Blog I will be telling you about audacity, and introducing you to some of the available Chinese periodicals.

Audacity is voice recording software that is fairly easy to use. Just start it up and hit the record button to start. It is useful to keep track of how well you’ve progressed in your language, as well as listening to your own voice and working on pronunciation. You can save the file as and audacity file, or export it as an mp3, WAV, or ogg file, and listen to it whenever you want. All the computers in the lab have audacity installed and are equipped with a microphone, but if you want to try it out with your own computer, it’s a free download from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
China Daily, (http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/), is a good periodical site. It is the only Chinese newspaper to be published in English, and contains international as well as Chinese news. The main site is easy to navigate as well, and you can simply scroll down to find articles that interest you.
If you feel up to it, try using the WordChamp web reader to look at some of the Chinese newspapers, it may be difficult but good for building vocabulary and understanding.

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