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Online media and games

Posted by: anave | November 16, 2007 Comments Off on Online media and games |

We will be uploading these blogs biweekly now, as we have covered most of the basic tools found at the LLC and on campus. In this update, I will introduce you to some Chinese-related Youtube sites that I have found, and some links to Chinese games.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Youtube, and use it every so often. I’ve gone through and did a quick search of some interesting China-related sites that you might take a look at.
M.Ward Chinese Translation: I have no idea who this song is by or who is singing it, but it’s nice and also has a direct Chinese translation for some lines at the bottom. It’s interesting to watch as well, so take a look
Mai Dai Mi: This is a rather funny animated music video of a guy selling vegetables. All the lines are written down, but in traditional…plus the singer uses a lot of “er” sounds, so it might be difficult to understand.
Chinese Gold Farmers: This is very interesting, the beginning of a documentary about Chinese Gold Farmers. For those of you who don’t know, these are people in China who play online games and sell the in-game currency or rare items to Foreign (usually American) players.
If you feel like playing some games online, this site has many games you can play that involve learning Chinese. Some of them are easy, but it’s still a good exercise.

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