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Here are some Chinese-related events that have taken place this past year!
Chinese Films & Talk: Feb. 18, 6:30pm
Journey to Uzbekistan and Hong Kong: Sept. 25, 11:30am
Arts and Artifacts from the Local Chinese Community: Sept. 26, 1pm

Chinese Films & Talk: Feb. 18, 6:30pm
Feb. 18, 2008
6:30-8:30 pm
Collins 217
The Center for Asian Studies is pleased to present an opportunity to broaden our understanding of the drastic economical and cultural developments in China, by presenting this film and talk which focuses on three new fascinating Chinese films from last year. The talk will be given by guest speaker Mr. Tong Xia who is a Chinese-Canadian filmmaker currently teaching in Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, and hosted by Professor Keying Wu of the Department of Japanese and Chinese.
Lost in Beijing, or Perpetual Motion*
*Three new films on marriage and women in Pre-Olympic China*
Please enter through the main doors facing the quad,
turn down the hallway to the right and follow it down and
turn right and go around the main staircase and follow the
hallway back until you see a hallway on the left and the
classroom is there.

Journey to Uzbekistan and Hong Kong: Sept. 25, 11:30am

University Convocation – “Journey to Uzbekistan and Hong Kong”
Thursday, Sep 25th 2008
11:30am – 12:30pm
Cone Chapel
Summer Research Projects from the Center for Asian Studies
“Visual Icons of Timurid Architecture in Uzbekistan” – Lindsay Wailana Kalama-Smith
A summer journey to discover 15th-18th c. Timurid architecture within its modern, often industrialized background. My initial intent was to analyze the buildings and the link between the cultures of past and present, and to observe the influence of Islam and other cross-cultural exchange on these grand monuments. I discovered much more about the people and society about Uzbekistan and Central Asia than I had ever anticipated. I wandered around streets centuries of years old, happily meandering around these mosques, madrasahs, mausoleums, and museums. This talk will encompass my various reflections of the journey.
“Intensive Language and Cultural Study at the Chinese Univrsity of Hong Kong” – Xun Li
Join Xun as he shares his summer experience in Hong Kong. With Chinese emerging as an important language of the world Xun set out to not only explore the language and culture of China but also to reconnect with his home country as he participated in the Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School – Chinese Language Program.
The University Convocation series is facilitated through the Office of the Chaplains and planned by the Students of IDS 202 (Convo: Campus/Community/Cosmos).
Arts and Artifacts from the Local Chinese Community: Sept. 26, 1pm
Arts and Artifacts from the Local Chinese Community Reception
Friday, Sep 26th 2008
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Hatfield Room
This exhibition presents the Chinese arts and artifacts that are created, practiced, or collected by the people in Salem area. There are paintings, calligraphy, seal-cuttings, and musical and scholar objects. These arts and artifacts demonstrate the festive, riutal and everyday pratices of the Chinese community who are an important component of our multicutural life in this Mid-Willamette Valley region.

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