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a Chinese ghost movie

Posted by: anave | May 7, 2009 Comments Off on a Chinese ghost movie |

Although there is no Halloween in China, we have many ghost related stories. I’d like to introduce a new Chinese movie named “Painted Skin.” It is a ghost movie, but also a love story. It was adapted from a famous folk story from China.

The story started from a ghost who fell in love with a man. In order to catch the attention of that man, she painted a beautiful skin for herself and hence became a pretty woman. The man also loved her but unfortunately he has already married by then. He loved the ghost more than his wife, however, the responsibility made him choose staying with his wife. By the end of the story, the ghost killed his wife and was killed by the man. This is such a heartbroken love story.
Now. I will give you a preview and a MTV of this movie. If you are interested in it, ask me, I might be able to help you to find the whole story with English&Chinese Subtitles.

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