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Posted by: zgarrett | March 1, 2010 Comments Off on Alpheios |

你们好。I was recently informed of a firefox add on that allows you to look up a Chinese character by simply moving your cursor over it. The group that is working on this add on originally made it to translate Latin and Greek, but they just released the beta of their Chinese version.
Because it was just released it has some problems, namely that it attempts to translate anything that the cursor touches. So you will find yourself constantly turning it on and off so that it doesn’t try to look up “r”. This problem doesn’t exist in the Latin and Greek versions because they require you to double click on the word that you want translated. I assume they will have this fixed in a later version.
Though this will not prove particularly useful for your classwork, it will likely be useful to those of you who have Chinese pen pals or Facebook friends.
The link is: http://alpheios.net/
Once on the website click on Resources Under Development.

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