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孔子 Confucius

Posted by: zgarrett | March 16, 2010 | 1 Comment |

Released in Beijing on January 14th 孔子is a biographical film on the most famous Chinese philosopher. The movie follows Confucius through the second half of his life, the years after he became a teacher.
Confucius lived during the Warring States era of China before the founding of the Qin Dynasty. It was a time of great intellectual growth, which was called 诸子百家(The Hundred Schools of Thought). After the fall of the Qin Dynasty Confucianism, which formed after Confucius’ death, became one of the main schools of thought adopted by the rulers of China.
The movie does not focus on his philosophy very much, but the story does focus on the concept of 仁(humanity), which is prevalent in Confucius’ teachings. My only complaint with the movie was the sudden transition in time that occurs. In one scene Confucius has black hair, and a second later he has white hair.
I highly suggest you watch this great movie about a great man, though you will have to find your own way of watching the movie.

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I like Confucius. He made me proud of being a teacher. I was just sentimental to the fact that the actor that I liked so much when I was little has become a person that I need to respect a lot. haha…