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If you didn’t make it to the first Chinese movie night, which includes all of the Chinese students :( , you should still watch 梅兰芳. Having watched the trailer I didn’t think I’d like the movie. Chinese opera just seemed like a ball of weirdness to me, but 梅兰芳 gave me a great look at the life of a Chinese opera performer. I still think that Chinese opera is rather strange, but this story is definitely an interesting one.

Mei Lanfang was an opera performer in the early 20th century, who rose to be the one of the most famous performers in China. He even did performances in Japan and America. When Japan conquered Beijing the Japanese officers requested that he sing for them, but he refused to sing for the duration of the war, finally returning to the stage after the Japanese surrendered.
Take a look at the trailer:

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This movie is a well done. The director Chen Kaige really spent lots of energy and time on it. Chen Kaige also directed “farewell to my concubine” which is also about Peking Opera. I think he loves Peking Opera.