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Social Networking in China

Posted by: zgarrett | September 24, 2010 | 1 Comment |

Last semester I started using some Chinese social networking sites in order to improve my Chinese ability and meet Chinese people. My roommate, a Chinese TIUA student, told me about 人人网 (aka Xiaonei). Xiaonei is essentially facebook for China. As many of you may know, facebook is banned in China, which means that you have to jump the Great Firewall of China if you wish to check your facebook while you’re over there. Xiaonei is pretty easy to use, especially for us college students.
Most of what you’ll find on facebook you’ll also find on Xiaonei. It even has a Chinese version of farmville, which is called 人人农场. One of the cool features on Xiaonei is the journal feature, which allows you to keep a blog, which your friends can read and comment on. I love writing journal entries about philosophy in order to increase my vocabulary. I have learned a lot of interesting words from writing Chinese blog entries, some of which were vocabulary words I later came across in class. If you are inspired to create a Xiaonei profile, then add me as a friend. I use my Chinese name on Xiaonei, so just search for 高志和.
Another really cool social networking site used by a lot of Chinese people is qq.com, which is more of an instant messenger with a ton of apps. While I was in China this summer I would see billboards that included the companies phone number and qq number. When you first go to qq.com you will be greeted by a website that has a lot of Chinese on it. If you want the instant messenger you will want to go to webqq. If you want other things, such as email, music, or games then you can find those near the webqq button on the left side of the page. You can download most of these applications onto your computer or you can just access them on the webpage. If you decide to make a qq profile, then you can also add me on there. My qq number is 1480409240.
Now, for both of these you will need a good level of Chinese reading proficiency, or a lot of patience to look up the characters. If you lack both of these, then you could also find someone who does have the proper proficiency to help you make your profiles. All in all, if you do go to China you will likely create one of these profiles in order to chat with the friends you make abroad.



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I want to jump the Great Firewall of China. It might be a great feeling. My newphew applied a qq number for me, but I think I have lost it. He is only 11 but he has started chatting with his friends there now. The 21st century kids are crazy, but I love their craziness.